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Round 1: Dragon and Dragon Thing


Gut: Be careful! It is dangerous!

It most certainly is, Gut! The place of battle today is the Cliff Hanger arena, as famous for its rushed and deadly waterfall as it is for its rushed and deadly pun!

Gut: How awful!

Our challenger for the battle is Mozz, league veteran and important cultural figure of the ASB for a lot of reasons, some of them good, and some of them kind of really disgusting! Our acceptor is Shuckle, who is none of those things that I just listed! Mozz has chosen Athena, a female Dragonite, and Shuckle has elected to bring Julia the female Tyranitar to the battle. Our musical manager for this match, Tjeka the female Beedrill, will now give us her musical selection for the match! DJ Tjeka?

Tjeka: Heir Transparent.

Thank you very much Tjeka! I will proceed to do a play by play reffing in time with the music, because I feel like it! Athena is released into the air over the side of the cliff, and Julia stands on land, just a few feet from the muddy riverbank, facing Athena! And heeeeere we go! Hit it, DJ Tjeka!

Tjeka: *presses play*

0:00 - 0:04 Our combatants are released and glare at each other as the wind blows on the high cliff. Tensions mount. It is a thrilling staring contest, as thrilling as the Chinese food I'm looking forward to eating for dinner.

0:05 - 0:12 Julia fires off a Smack Down aimed straight for Athena's wing! The rock energy connects and deals a nice shot while also knocking Athena off balance! She plummets down, but luckily a Dragonite's ability to fly is not hindered by it's small wings, and she is able to right herself before falling too far down.

0:13 - 0:18 Athena, from her position a short distance beneath the cliff, shoots a Rain Dance into the sky. However, just as soon as the clouds begin to gather, Julia fires off a Sunny Day, cancelling the weather effects. The round draws to a close with minimal confrontation.


Athena took a bit of a hit there, but it really wasn't too bad despite the super effectiveness. She's still got a nice chunk left in her first quarter of health. Energy wasn't bad either, although she did use up some trying to right herself in the air.

Julia took no damage, but used up a small amount more energy than Athena.


Julia is still on the cliff. Athena is hovering in the air about 15 yards beneath the cliff.

Orders from Shuckle!

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