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If we could do no sigs, no badges, I would be semi-grateful. Don't want to bring the Mozz Badge, and pretty sure all the GLs I beat didn't have badges back then

If you say no, then I'll attach sigs. But for now:

Miss AllSunday - Female Gengar

Zenchi: Male Alakazam

Fuu: Female Butterfree

Hikaru: Female Charizard

Athena: Female Dragonite

Jishaku: Genderless Magnezone
Mozz's Van, named after Bulbagardens creditor, was a hidden forum section where staff members could share pictures of their tiny penises and engage in homosex. Sadly, HAVA media, Bulbagardens new corporate overlord, forced it's closure. Can't have porn on a children's website.
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