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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
After some time traveling the streets of sun-drenched Cerulean, Faustine was finally able to identify what she found different about the people around her - though her hometown of Olivine was fairly similar in its status as a bustling port city and veritable melting pot, the thing that had struck her as amiss became clear: people weren't staring at her. Indeed, there wasn't even the feeling of people catching glances when they thought she wasn't looking; passersby really and truly were not taken aback by her odd appearance. Then again, she thinks to herself, this is the port closest to Saffron and Lavender... I'm sure they're used to all sorts of strange folks wanting to visit those two cities in particular. Shrugging her shoulders, she decides to herself that it's rather freeing not to have to endure the curious and critical looks of others, and relishes in her newly found invisibility. Astraea, on the other hand, seems to be staring at people with her big, amber eyes, and pouting when an "awww" or a "how cute" is not elicited. When the fox begins to look downright despondent at the lack of attention, Faustine scoops her up and gives her a hug, which seems to brighten the Vulpix's mood considerably. Though Faustine was hesitant to baby her new partner too much, given the dense swathes of people around her, it probably wouldn't hurt to keep Astraea close while navigating the warehouses.

The transition from the newer section of the port to the older, dilapidated section is slow at first, but quickly becomes quite drastic in terms of the population dropoff and the diminishing quality of buildings. Vibrant, bustling complexes gave way to an eerily still landscape, dotted with abandoned structures and decaying supply boxes, lost to the progress of time. Even with the sun's light becoming ever brighter as the day develops, there is a lack of warmth here – a certain coldness inherent to the rusted, silent world, increasingly forgotten. It was a phenomenon she knew all too well. Considering her surroundings as she makes her way to the scene of Jonathan's unfortunate incident, Faustine muses at the disorganized and deteriorating presence of crates of various kinds. Who could find anything in this mess – and, more importantly, why would they bother? Everything here is so... decayed, so old... Wait, why did that statement feel oddly significant, somehow?

Faustine finds herself face to face with the scene of the crime, which remains largely untouched – even the bloodstain remains uncleaned. The Reaper shakes her head, clicking her tongue. “They haven't even bothered to clean up a RG2 biohazard by now? This place really is abandoned, isn't it...”

As Faustine considers the scene, her mind wanders to a memory of her childhood. It was one of her worse days, and the worse she felt, the more light and happy she would want her reading to be. Cabbage, the family Gloom, had happily brought her a book from the nearby shop – a pre-disaster Pokemon training manual. The Gloom himself had likely picked it up because it had an image of the three Johto starter Pokemon, each standing beside a new trainer, excited to begin a new journey – the grass type couldn't read, but patiently enjoyed when Faustine read to him, even if, in her weakness, she had to take extended breaks from talking. Flipping through the brightly illustrated pages and reading what she could, Faustine had landed on a picture of a very large, black and tan Pokemon with a rotund belly, pointed ears and a lazy little smile. The image intrigued the little girl.

“Oh, this one looks strong, like a sumo wrestler!” She said, showing Cabbage the picture as he looked on with a gentle expression. “It says here that his name is Snorlax. He eats over 900 lbs of food a day, the book says! That's soooooooooo much!” Pausing to catch her breath, she silently reads through the rest of the entry before relating more facts to her Pokemon friend, attempting to keep up a smile. “He can even eat rotten food, it says... but I bet he'd only eat good food if he had the choi-”

I bet he'd only eat good food if he had the choice.

With Astraea still in her arms, Faustine approaches one of the open tears in the crate. “These berries... they could be rotten. But if they're fresh, then something is definitely amiss, here. They would have to have been brought here recently, and that makes no sense given the state of this warehouse and how likely it would be for these to get lost, unless...” Faustine pauses, setting the little fox down beside the crate.

“I need to rely on your nose, okay Astraea? Give these berries a sniff and let me know if you would eat them.”

Astraea nods in understanding, lifting her head to the air and giving the berries a thorough once-over. In the meantime, Faustine searches the crate for any identifying information, such as an address or label.

I'd like to nominate Marion Ette for trainer of the month for August. Something Marion consistently excels at is consistently delivering quality RPing every post rather than limiting herself to the bare minimum. The example post is one of the earlier ones this month, and she uses what Shadow provided her to further flesh out the relationship dynamics between Faustine and Astraea, and how they respond to their general surroundings. She also uses the situation to relate her character on a more personal level, and develop her further by exploring a memory of her past. Lastly, though Shadow hinted at the berries being normal and perhaps only eliciting an adverse reaction from Faustine's Pokémon because of their type and nature incompatibility, Faustine correctly guesses something more sinister being set afoot, which is later confirmed in the subsequent updates. It may or may not have been Shadow's original intent, but sometimes updatees can inspire updators to consider entirely new plot developments just by thinking critically and voicing their considerations, a thing which is always nice to see.

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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
"Shit," Orlando swore under his breath as he noticed the light flip on. With only two plants in his possession and a large chunk of the garden to go, he would need to create a big distraction if he had any hope of getting the plants (or even getting out) without being seen. He dashed towards the corner of the garden, trying his best to crouch below any windows. He didn't have much choice other than to use Max as a distraction.

"Max!" he whispered, the rabbit's sensitive ears perking up, "Go gnaw at one of the plants the Rattata got to! Make them chase you off and lead them to the other side of the house. I'm gonna try to get some more plants but come around the other side and we'll book it."

Orlando looked around for a place to go once Max returned, ready to return him to his Poké Ball as discreetly as possible before he ran to cover. It wasn't a great plan, but he had to do something.

As a second consideration I'd also like to nominate Jerichi. In contrast to Marion's, Jeri's responses tend to be shorter and to the point, but the responses are still very reasonable and creative. In this particular scenario, Sneaze had put Orlando in a bit of a pickle, strongly hinting that his berry-stealing time might just have come to an end. Rather than make a run for it, Orlando makes the most of his situation to exploit reasonable sneaky tactics, having his Pokémon, for the second time during the night, serve as a decoy in order to guarantee his cover.


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