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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Yuki and I finished watching this the other night. Her first time, my second time. I enjoyed it! A solid 7/10. While it may not be a masterpiece, FMA:B is as have others have put it "the perfect starter package." Great characters, a great premise, and a pretty good story up until its final act. I'm glad to have rewatched it, and would easily recommend it to beginners and veterans alike.

Sumika Sumire: Kaisa and I finished watching the J-drama adaptation yesterday. It was good! Another 7/10, easy, though for me personally, the enjoyment factor was more like an 8/10. I prefer the manga to the J-drama, though the deviations are few and far between.

Spoiler: show
In the manga, Sumi remains as Sumire around the clock; there is no priest; and Sumire winds up with Guy A. In the J-drama, Sumi turns back into an old woman from 11pm to 1am; a priest is introduced; and Sumire winds up with Guy B.

This one is only for those who really like romance. (Although Kaisa says she isn't much into romance but she sure seemed to have as much fun as I did ... ) If you don't care for romance, I don't imagine you'll much care for this one.

One thing of note: Sumika Sumire explores the other pole of what BokuMachi attempted and then shied away from. If BokuMachi told the tale of an adult who turns back into a kid and a fellow kid falls in love with him, Sumika Sumire tells the tale of a grandma who turns back into a teenager and a fellow teenager falls in love with her. So it's the same ethical dilemma, only the genders are swapped and young adulthood is the destination rather than the starting-off point. Furthermore, the J-drama answers this dilemma one way while the manga answers it a different way. So there's something for everyone to love or to loathe!

Kimi no Na wa: I keep wanting to rewatch this, but other things keep coming up. Including two live-action movies I've rented from the library and have yet to watch. But I promise! My detailed post will be forthcoming once I rewatch this modern classic.

Kanon (2006): Yuki and I are thinking about re-watching Kanon 2006.

Guin Saga: I just finished the first episode of this 2009 anime. It's an adaptation of one of the longest-running book series of all time. (Specifically, "Guin Saga is the longest continuing single-writer's work in the world.") Kurimoto Kaoru wrote just under 130 volumes from 1979 until 2009 before succumbing to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. The story is set in a high fantasy world and stars a warrior with superhuman strength, the body of a man, and the head of a jaguar. (They call it a mask, but he basically has a jaguar head for a head.) The jaguar-man suffers from amnesia, only remembering the words "Guin" (which he believes to be his name) and "Aurra". After meeting them in a cursed forest, Guin serves as bodyguard to the orphaned prince and princess of a conquered kingdom.

I'm not sure how much more of this I will watch, but it's an interesting homework assignment for several of you here for several reasons:
  1. Miura Kentarou of Berserk fame has gone on record stating that Guin Saga influenced his own work. Both works are famous for their length, fantasy setting, fearsome protagonists, and of course Guin Saga's author dying before she could finish the story and Berserk fans worrying about a similar fate regarding Miura.
  2. You've got a similar problem to the above with, ofc, Togashi Yoshihiro and Hunter x Hunter.
  3. Being one of the longest-running novel series of all time, weighing in at over 130 volumes (129˝ of which were all written by the same lady), it seems like it's required reading for our light novelist experts here. Add it to the list with Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Arslan Senki.
  4. The book series is so famous in Japan, the anime got Uematsu Nobuo of Final Fantasy fame to compose the soundtrack. And judging from the first episode, he didn't hold back. Quite a few lovely tunes in here.
All of that stated, from what I saw of the first episode, I wasn't, like, super wowed or anything. It seemed fine. Plot seemed 6/10 or 7/10. Animation seemed 5/10. Even the music that I just spoke favorably of, I'd only maybe give an 8/10 to. If I do watch more, it will simply be out of curiosity to see how / why this series could have received so much love its author was financed to write over 100 novels about it.
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