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Need security advice

I'm porting my family's landline telephone to Google Voice, to set up a permanent, free wireless home phone. In the process, I discovered one of the security apps I had intended to use on the phone in fact has a lot of malware in it.

All of my apps are sideloaded, but most came from Google Play to begin with. The idea is I wanted to limit Google's profile on me by not using any of Google's services, so I used dummy accounts, extra devices and public wifis to obtain the apps. Some apps which require license verification, however, I've had to seek out cracks for (even though I purchased them honestly). The compromised app was one of those.

The ultimate problem lies with Google's Account Manager. I have to input my email credentials to get access to Google Voice. This means that if the phone is compromised, my email becomes accessible, and that would lead to identity theft (or worse).

But my Google Account has a slightly higher level of security than a normal Gmail account, and since this is my family's home phone number, I wanted to safeguard it in a way that we wouldn't lose it. I could easily use another Google Account to do it, but such an account would be less secure and our home phone could be ported out without our authorization.

So, here are the outcomes, assuming an unsecure phone:

-run ONLY GooglePlay certified apps, allowing Google to build a profile off my use
-Run the suspicious security apps to thwart Google's profile building
-Use my secure Google Account for the home phone
-Use an insecure Google Account for the home phone

What should I do?
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