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La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs

As expected, the ejected patron doesn’t seem to appreciate your interjection. Both he and his Pangoro turn to you, the latter of which towers menacingly over you. However, at the sight of your companion, it recoils slightly, intimidated by the Mawile’s cool resolve. This seems to irk its trainer, who gives it a drunken slap upside the head.

“Th’ fuck is wrong with you?” He snaps. “It’s just a girl an’ a fuckin’ faerie! Fucking girly shit. I’m so tired of this shit! What the fuck do you want, bitch?!”

The last question seems to be directed at you. The bouncer who ejected the drunkard leans in the doorway of the bar, watching the exchange; he apparently no longer deems this his problem, it no longer being in his bar, but damn if this isn’t entertaining. He lights a cigarette, deciding to take his fifteen, while his Pokémon returns inside to keep the patrons at bay in his absence.

Your dapper companion, meanwhile, has begun emitting a rather pleasant aroma, which seems to have caught the now downtrodden Pangoro off guard. Having been yelled at by her trainer, it looks on the verge of tears -- the first sign that it might not be as cut out for battle as its visage might suggest -- but it stops wiping its face when the delectable aroma hits its nostrils. Sniffing the air, it approaches Mawile, infatuated with the scent, and when close enough it bats its eyelashes at him, evidently trying to attract the dapper young ‘mon -- holy shit. It’s female! And she likes your Mawile’s cologne. Oh dear. Too polite to break the poor girl’s heart, Mawile finds himself between a rock and a hard place -- he has to let her down easy, right? But politeness can look an awful lot like infatuation to a girl like Pangoro, who hasn’t had much experience with suitors -- she misreads the signals, and bad.

The drunkard looks at you. The Pangoro makes eyes at Mawile. What next?

The very appearance of the drunk and the Pangoro, menacing though both appeared, was of little concern to the woman, and as the Mawile's horns bared forward, the Pangoro recoiled slightly through intimidation, until the drunk slapped it upside before making a disparaging comment towards her. She remained calm, though there was an air of disgust around her at the treatment and mannerisms of the drunk. As Bel began to emanate his scent to try and diffuse the drunk mostly, the panda was taken off guard and went from weepy to very interested, batting their eyelashes at the Mawile attractively.

Pausing for a moment at the surprise twist, the Mawile retains eye contact with the bear, before giving a nudge to his ally in stead discreetly, to garner her attention. At the sight of the smitten yet naive Pangoro, she gave a smal chuckle before turning her attention to the drunk, voice tinged with venom as she opted to give the fool a reality check.

"'re full of shit, and not just alcohol...why not be like your, ah, friend here and relax?" Giving a motion towards the Pangoro, she turned her head to the Mawile. "Come now, it's rude to leave a lady hanging, Bel. Do be courteous and take her hand in a gentle grip with your own, yet firm like a vice, then kindly tease and taunt our inebriated fellow with the pair of you, then blow her a gentle kiss with a fairy wind that serves both to give approval of her mannerisms, yet teach her that fleeting love can be painful. Be gentle, though."

The steel type gave what could be a mischievous wink towards her and then the Pangoro, while the woman stood staring at the drunk, her stance in one to show her declaration of who was in charge in this conversation. This man was entertaining, judging by the bouncer's thoughts, but he did pose a simple question.

"As for what this so-called bitch wants, that is none of your business. No, the question that should be asked is whether your kids - if you have any with that mouth of yours still under your wing - know you're getting sloshed at some bar."
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