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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
Schala: ((Pokémon declared 1/6: Rufflet))

The New Fizz Library stands as imposing as you’d imagined it: a massive building some five-hundred-years old in construction, back when Man knew how to work stone and create magnificent monuments. The Library is a testament to that era, though you suspect it might have served a different purpose at the time of its construction. Resembling a monastery of sorts, it’s sculpted entirely out of white marble, though the pristine coloration dulled overtime and the stone walls are now mostly gray; however, the sculptures of Pokémon deities that line the outside columns and perches remain mostly intact, and are a sight to behold on their own.

As you’d expect, a considerable number of people casually stroll around Knowledge Square, mostly tourists, but very few actually enter the Library itself. In this day and age, it’s exceedingly rare for people to outwardly display an interest in books, you realize – there is simply too much information, readily accessible via a PokéGear’s internet connection, for younger folk to turn to good old written paper.

You resolutely climb the stairs leading to the building’s main gate, a huge heavy door made of solid oak wood, and finally step inside the legendary Library. It’s every bit as grand as you’d anticipated, with enormous bookstands rising in dozens of rows to your left and right; a long crimson tapestry, unadorned and visibly worn but impeccably dusted, extends from the entrance all the way to a desk on the opposite side of the main hall, a long distance away, but common sense dictates you should approach the librarian first and foremost, so it’s literally time to walk the red carpet.

As you go along, Ulysses perched on your shoulder remaining as silent as possible, you begin to look around. For all the magnificence of the place, it feels quite frankly disheartening to see so many empty seats, barely anyone taking time to explore the wonders of this place anymore. In fact, what few people you do manage to spot seem to also be tourists wandering around out of interesting for the building itself rather than its contents, none of them displaying any visible interest in lingering around for too long.
You finally reach the other side of the room, where the librarian’s desk is place. An old but majestic piece of mahogany, each of its four legs shaped after a Noctowl, with dozens of books and papers scattered across the table’s surface. Across it from you sits a minuscule old woman, wearing a pair of heavy-looking glasses with thick lenses, thoroughly immersed in some obviously ancient documents that look like they could crumble at the slightest touch.

After a prolonged moment of deafening silence, in which you wonder if you should break the ice, the woman suddenly speaks up, not diverting her gaze from the papers for a mere second. Her voice, high-pitched and conveying unfeigned annoyance, makes it perfectly clear for you how she feels about being interrupted.


Getting closer to the library reveales that the old structure is beautiful as well. Even with only a passing interest in architecture, Schala can appreciate the sculptures perched near the top of the building. With the idle thought of perhaps adding a book about the history of the building (or at least one about the architecture of the city) to her long list, she passes numerous people and heads up the steps proper. She pushes open the heavy wooden doors with a bit of effort, and eagerly heads inside.

The inside of the library lives up the the outside, with a crimson tapestry taking up a huge swath of the area. Most importantly for her, however, is the massive bookshelves filling the interior. Truly a wonderful sight! This is easily the most books she’s ever seen in one place. Compared to the small library in the town she had grown up in (tiny with cramped shelves, unadorned white walls, and drab carpet) this place is like a whole new world.

It is also quite a bit less busy than the bustle outside. Few other people are in the building, and fewer still are browsing the shelves or reading at the interspersed tables. It’s a bit sad to see given how large the library is, and how many people roam the square outside. On the plus side, I’ll be able to read undisturbed. Schala thinks to herself, trying to ignore the pang of upset at seeing the lack of patrons.

Given the size of the place, she elects to speak with someone at the front desk first. While exploring the library and browsing the shelves will be fun to do eventually, she has enough things in mind that asking for help makes more sense for now.

She approaches the desk. It is another beautiful piece of work, like the rest of the building. The disheveled state of the desk does remind her of the small library in her home town, however. Books and papers covering the surface in a mess that one of the librarian back home had insisted was much more organized than it looked. The nostalgia she feels banishes the lingering upset at seeing the mostly deserted interior. Despite the many differences, it seems that some things are universal for libraries.

However, she is hesitant to interrupt the woman pouring over something on the desk. While she can’t read the contents from where she stands, it looks old and fragile. Given the age, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be able to read the language it is written in even if I was close enough to make it out, she muses. Shifting nervously, she tries to decide whether to speak up or leave the librarian to her work and search out books on her own, when the decision is made for her.

“Yes?!” The sudden exclamation from the woman in front of her makes her jump. She doesn’t sound happy about the intrusion, and doesn’t even look up. At least I didn’t startle her! She thinks, as her heart stops racing.

The trainer pets at Ulysses’ feathers to keep from wringing her hands together, and forces herself to respond. The faster she gets her questions answered, the faster the librarian can get back to whatever she is doing.

“Uh, sorry to bother you! I was just wondering where I could find the Natural Science section?” Remembering her promise to the Rufflet perched quietly on her shoulder, she adds in a rush “Oh, and do you have a military history or tactics section as well?”

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