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Azurill (Normal/Fairy): An Azurill's hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of making it more vulnerable to sound-based status moves. Azurill may use their tail-balls as a floatation device, making it difficult to force one underwater if it does not wish to do so. Despite lacking the Water-type of their evolutions, Azurill's aquatic lifestyle makes it a decent swimmer and grants it familiarity with Water-type moves, as well as increased Water energy. All baby Pokémon's techniques that are based on cuteness (such as Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, etc) are slightly more effective.
Would it be too much to give Azurill infiniwater considering its STAB is literally Covet, Hyper Voice, Swift, Uproar, Hidden Power NO/FA, Secret Power and Round (when excluding XX)?

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