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Originally Posted by Rangeetsuper View Post
1) How many incidents have there been of men identifying as women "just to abuse young girls"?

2) Would you rather this guy (who was assigned female at birth) walk into your bathroom, then?

3) If someone is willing to break all the laws involving molesting women, you really think they would be so scared about intentionally going into a bathroom?

4) I realise Debate topics can be personal for people. But you still cannot expect to come into the topic and post without having read a single post beforehand.
Let's clarify a bit where I think Rangeet was getting at.

1. To answer the question, there have been none. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Rape and sexual abuse is more about power and control than lust (also the reason why wearing skimpy clothing usually has nothing to do with why a woman was victimised). When allowing transgenders to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with, a hypothetical rapist who DO wants to use this as an excuse would need to make an effort to pass. Aka dressing up as the weak victim. This kinda defeats the purpose of power and control, don't you think?

Which brings me to...

2. As Rangeet pointed out, transgender works both ways, and usually transmen, if on testosterone, have very little problems passing and look very much the part of men. Now again back to our hypothetical rapist, as Myles pointed out earlier, anybody using this as an excuse now has a better chance. Due to the existance of transmen, the need to pass as a woman to use the womens bathroom vanishes. It would lower the treshold to enter the womens bathroom instead.


3. People who are looking out to abuse or rape someone will ignore signs that say "women only", after all they have no respect for the law in the first place, and anybody held back by a sign saying "women only" has to much fear / respect for the law to even think about raping someone. Afterall even if they COULD get legally into the bathroom, RAPE AND ABUSE ITSELF IS STILL ILLEGAL!!!

Also Sato, if you go to a public school it doesn't mean that every Tom, Dick and Harry can just waltz in there. There is a lot of security in American schools (too much IMO, but that's a different topic) and anyone who looks over the age of 16 and is not a teacher will not be able to enter.

Furthermore bathrooms aren't lockerrooms. You don't get to see people naked, if they try, again, that's still illegal and in school grounds reason for expulsion.

Lastly as a transgender woman myself living in a country where people don't make this an issue. Nothing of the sort has happened, bathrooms where transgenders can use the bathroom of their choice does NOT make this happen, not in schools not in malls, not anywhere. I myself had way more problems using the mens room than the womens room.
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