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Your title/that quote is misleading, VGM. I thought you were talking about actual economics, not energy.


Fossil fuels are renewable, technically. Shale oil is a near unlimited resource since we're turning rocks into energy, and petrol can be derived from dead organic matter through thermal depolymerization in the same way the Earth originally created oil. The problems are the environmental effects from petrol extraction, refinement and burning.


Entropy of the universe isn't going to decrease because the entire universe is an open system unless we start to tap into dark energy. There is no true renewable resource because the energy comes from somewhere - usually the sun. Solar, wind, tides and liquid water is impacted by the sun's gravity and radiation (creating temperature gradients). You might as well ask how can humans survive without the sun, and the answer is we can't. When Sol gets too old or threatens to wipe out life on Earth, humans have to move to a new star system.

Nuclear is easily the best option for a clean, efficient energy, but humans have shown they're too irresponsible to handle it.
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