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I read this whole thread. Took me a long time. Anyway...

I am an unloveable loser. I got burnt out in school and made many mistakes. Some understandable, some surprisingly stupid to a neutral observer I'm sure. Now I get paid a pathetic wage doing work that...does my self esteem nothing, where I am treated poorly. I guess it's a common condition; you always want to compare yourself to the guy who is doing great, living your dreams, fantastic comings and goings...

Truth is, I place all sorts of limits on my work, some of which make a lot of sense to me and some of which probably are meaningless constrictions. I'd rather sit on my ass all day; a decade of work has taught me a valuable lesson; I hate it, I hate all of it, and I pretty much hate everyone I meet.

Time passes...your health come home, sit down, and wonder what you could have done...what you should have done...did you know better? Which of your priorities were out of order? Can you haul yourself out of bed one more time to pay for the rest of your pointless living expenses?

You look into a tunnel, and you feel there must be light at the end of it, but you see only blackness, pitch, unmerciful, unsympathetic.
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