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I did it because the contract workers who came to my current workplace were able to negotiate. One of the workers, in fact, has a lower degree/title than I do, and had ZERO experience (while I had 7+ years intern) and was able to secure equal-higher pay than me from the government. The one who has an equal degree to me is making double. These are my co-workers, under the same employer, so it's not like I'm comparing apples to oranges here.

I took what I was offered and was told there was no room for negotiation. I learned later that other employees received compensation for things like relocation - there was a hefty relocation bonus for moving from South Dakota to Minnesota. Yet, I, who came from California, was not offered such a thing.

I've seen a part-time position offered by this other hospital. That's why I wanted to make a good impression, and maybe negotiate them down to a part-time or 32 hour per week position. The problem isn't the HOURS, it's the DAYS.
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