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Originally Posted by Martz View Post
Tau, I completely understand. Not to go off topic, but I'm the same way when I play Madden. My brother thinks I'm stupid for taking a franchise so seriously but that's why I'm so good at it and why he always loses to me >>" Obsessive strategy is good in any game really if you want to call it that. Don't they call that meta gaming?
What I do in FE counts as meta gaming, yes, unfortunately. (Unfortunate because D&D campaigns have instilled a strong sense of "Meta gaming = bad" in me.)

But there are some games where you just find your play style and stick to it, I think. I've tried to cut back and approach things more relaxed-ly: been replaying Shadow Dragon on Hard, without any restarts or save scumming a map. If someone dies, they're dead, and I'm not going for 100% recruitment of all possible units. It's a lot more tense, actually.

Dramatic, I guess is the word.
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