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Wes couldn’t help raise an eyebrow at Tyson’s tale. Admittedly, he’d heard more farfetched stories in the past, but was undecided to whether Tyson’s words where true or merely a ploy to heighten Beaker’s spirits. The story was certainly comforting, having known nothing about the history of his other Pokémon. He did know Totodile was born in a swampy continent far from Johto, but the story was still unknown to him. The adolescent then turned his attention to Corphish, her eyes tearing slightly.

“I... I don’t know what to say” the trainer mumbled to Tyson. Beaker scurried over to Tyson and gave him a “thumbs up” of approval. The crawdad had clearly forgiven her old master; she was proud of her heritage and even more proud of her bracelet. The claw-like bangle shimmered with a red glow, Wes knew she’d never remove it. As the redish Corphish gave a final “thumbs up”, she was quick to hurry out of the hideaway and back onto the mellow beaches outside. The adolescent turned his attention back to Tyson, Perhaps the tale is true...

Having paused for a while, Wes realised he still had to tend to his guests. Mike and his Gligar had clearly come across the buffet, the small Scorpion-bat stuffing its face along with Wes’ Torchic and Shroomish. Wes’ Teddiursa was eyeing up the Saybleye perched on the opposing side of the base, still rather hostile to the shadowy imp. Wes laughed slightly, before turning up his stereo and grabbing a second beer. The young trainer was tempted to start up his Xbox and play Guitar Hero – he wasn’t one for hosting parties.

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