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“That’s fine, I’m stayin’ sober too, just one beer to christen my new pad”, Wes replied to Tyson. However, Tyson was quick to explain that the main reason he came was to see Beaker. The crustacean had only recently joined his team, and he’d certainly be lying if he said they’d gotten off to the best start. Beaker was very hardy and territorial. He’d defy his new trainer at any given point and the crawdad would never share with any of Wes’ Pokmon. The trainer half listened to Tyson’s story, but his eyes glistened when he pulled out a broken pincer piece.

“Wonderful!” he replied with glee, “No doubt she’ll be eager to hear about this!” Wes turned his attention back to one of the submarine style windows. Gazing out to the deep-blue again, he noticed the crab-like Pokmon perched on a rock, fixated in a partial-meditation state. He tapped on the window and signaled the crawdad to come back inside. Suddenly, he noticed Mike and his Gligar swiftly gliding down to the hatch door. More guests?!

“Welcome Mike! Haven’t seen ya’ since our escapade in the forgotten garden”, the young trainer indicated the two to some towels. Meanwhile, Corphish scurried through Mike’s legs and into up to Wes and Tyson. Her eyes widened as the small grab recognized her original trainer. She was slightly befuddled at what exactly was going on. In the meantime, Weavile, Gligar and the rest of Wes Pokmon all greeted each over warmly. Mike then released the rest of his Pokmon to the party. Whilst the others happily shared food with each over, an instant tension arose between Teddiursa and Saybleye.

“Honii that was just a battle, can’t you just get along?” Teddiursa shook his head immaturely at this comment. Wes sighed and turned back to Tyson and Corphish, open ears for what Tyson had to say.

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