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"Sigh..." Mike...erm...sighed. "I guess underwater caves are just all the rage these days, huh, Scorpio?" He turned and looked at his current traveling companion, Scorpio the Gligar, who was currently giving him an evil eye. "No, I did not bring you along just to torture you, even though I have full knowledge that you dislike water and hate caves even more.", Mike replied after Scorpio gave him a string of "Gligar! Gli!"s. "Sheesh," Mike said. "Some people can be so presumptuous." Looking down at the water, Scorpio gulped and Mike sighed once again. "Ah, what I wouldn't give for a water Pokemon." Wearing a blue water shirt and swim shorts, Mike grabbed the unwilling Scorpio's tail and dived into the pristine blue water, Scorpio emitting a final defiant screech before being pulled in.

Swimming as fast as he could toward the hatch while holding on to Scorpio, he finally reached the hatch of Wes' underwater hideout. Unscrewing the nautical handle (a rather nice touch), he opened the door and made a quick transition from swimming to walking, entering the secret base. Almost immediately, Scorpio threw himself upon the ground and started kissing it frantically. Mike laughed. "C'mon, Scorp, we're guests. Stop kissing the floor and introduce yourself."

Running up through the hall to the main room, Mike waved hello to his host, one of his new friends from Fizzy Bubbles, Wes, who was currently drinking beer. "Hey, Wes!" he said. "What's up? This is my Gligar, Scorpio." he said, pointing to the Gligar, who went over to the sausage rolls with stars in his eyes. "Let me introduce you to the other members of my team." He quickly threw two Pokeballs into the air, producing a Sbleye and a Magnemite. "I believe you already know my Sableye, Klaus, and this is my Magnemite, Orion." Orion cheerfully waved, while Klaus looked at the cup in Wes' hand as if to say "B334!". "Get your own, you lazy bum." Mike said to Klaus, smiling. Klaus happily obliged, running over to the refrigerator. Turning back to Wes and his other guest, Tyson, he asked, "What's happening?"
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