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Diving into an underwater cave was not an easy task for someone who had never dove before. Indeed, Tyson "Psych" Gonza was having trouble leaping so he got assistance. Looking over the cliff he pointed a pokeball at the water. As he aimed his pokeball down he said a few words: "You are going to land in water so ready yourself. You are the closest thing to a water type I have, so you should know how to swim, I will jump and you will catch me. Then we will dive to a clearly visible hatch. Understand?" Knowing that the answer wouldn't be heard until the ball opened. "Go."

"Weavileeeeeee....." Then a loud Splash. "Vile, VILE!" If he could speak human Weavile would probably be the most curseable person on earth. "Look I know you don't like the idea of falling into water but I can't swim. Now here I come. Catch me!" Tyson then Ran of the cliff and into an angry Weavile's arms. "On three we dive, into that hatch." Tyson pointed it out but Weavile already knew it was there. "One... Two... Three!" They both dove and went through the hatch and into an underwater cave.

"This place is huge!" Tyson yelled out loud, for the whole ocean to hear. Tyson looked around the place and entered a long hall which led to a bigger room where there was a couch, a young man sitting on it.

"Hey Wes! I'm here. Thanks for the invite. I have one question: Do you have towels for me and Freeze here?" Tyson said as he pointed to the dripping wet Weavile and Himself.

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