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Round 3: This was supposed to be a quick match, you children of whoresuckers.

And so, after almost a month of hiatus, the battle recommences, the referee stumbling up from his nap at the sudden reappearance of one of the battlers. The Pokemon have no such hindrances however, as Tunga tries to get both his opponents in range of his attack. However, his targets are a bit too spread out for that, with the Joltik floating in the air across the pool and a good few feet from him, with the Snubbull wandering around on his left. However, Snubbull happens to stumble in front of the Normal type, prompting the release of an Icy Wind that chills it to the bone, the offshoots just about reaching the Joltik. Meanwhile, Brandr tries to help deliver yet more of a beatdown to the Snubbull, but unfortunately the paralysis interferes with his focus too much, and the Synchronoise becomes impossible, as a Spider Web flies across the pond and binds the Lickitung's legs to the ground.

Meanwhile, the frosty blast appears to have helped bring things to a head for the Snubbull, his confusion clearing sufficiently for him to pull himself together for a few seconds and deliver a Dynamic Punch to the Lickitung! The furious assault leaves the Lickitung looking even more confused than normal, which in tandem with the Spider Web leaves it incapable of attacking in the intended manner. Meanwhile his partner is able to overcome his own afflictions, albeit temporarily, creating a Substitute to act as cover while he recovers from the remainder of this paralysis in private. Meanwhile, the rest of the Eternal Wrong's active Pokemon are bearing down on the Lickitung: First a Discharge from Jasmine, followed by a delayed Hyper Voice from Buttface that shatters the Substitute and reveals the real Brandr... not too far away actually, the paralysis was really quite hindering when it came to passive movement.

Jasmine still holds a huge lead on health, with Buttface and Brandr sitting pretty across the boundary of the second third. Tunga on the other hand got absolutely fucking train rekt and is barrelling towards his final third. Everyone is just about good for two due to various minor forced breathers, but they'd all enjoy a breather in the near future. Buttface is basically shit out of Fighting, Tunga's legs are still bound and Brandr's still paralysed, although that's loosening up somewhat.
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