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UPN PASBL: Austo vs Zelphy

TheKnightsFury (C) vs Zelphon (A)
24 Hour DQ
Equiall 1
Switch = OK
Arena = Mt Moon Clearing
Mount Moon Clearing: Located within the center reaches of Mount Moon, this clearing is held almost sacred by the local Clefairy and Clefable. Removed from any urban environment, the natural beauty of the surroundings maintain the calming, peaceful atmosphere. Pokemon will feel more at ease here, less liable to be affected by moves intended to intimidate or instill fear. In the center of the clearing rests a pond of perfectly clear water, deep enough to accommodate most aquatic Pokemon, but not deep enough to provide them with any serious hiding place. The ground here is soft and pliable, covered by a luscious grass field. Rocks can be easily summoned from underground for use in attacks like Stealth Rock, and attacks such as Earthquake will transmit readily. This arena is outdoors only.

Ok, let's do this. Squads please!
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