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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
“Nice to meet you, Jayson,” Samuel smiled with a firm grip to the handshake, “Sam or Samuel’s fine. Some even call me Flint!” He chuckled and helped out as Jayson and his Pokemon loaded up Boudicca’s back with bundles of firewood. Being used as a pack mule was probably far from the Mudsdale’s dignified pride, but Boudicca’s powerful and sturdy body made her the perfect candidate. As they loaded her up, Jayson asked Samuel about a training regimen for his Scyther.

Samuel grinned and started up the trail that Jayson had just come from. “No problem! Let’s drop this firewood off at my cabin and then we’ll give your Scyther there a few pointers!” The two trainers and the group of Pokemon headed back up the trail, quickly passing the previous fork in the road. They proceeded further up the previously unchosen path in the direction of Samuel’s cabin. Soon enough they came upon a clearing with a quaint log cabin in the middle. Some smoke wafted out of the chimney while a rather large mountain of chopped firewood was stacked off to the side. “I appreciate it; this was a big help,” he said while gently patting Boudicca on the nose. He then unloaded the firewood and added it to his pile. For her hard work, Boudicca has gained 1 level!

Once the labor was over, Samuel invited Jayson and his Pokemon to follow him around the back of the cabin. There was a small ring of stumps where trees had been previously cut down. “This is where I like to do my training,” he began while pulling out a pair of Pokeballs. Tossing them into the clearing, a Scyther and a Sudowoodo appeared before them. The Scyther immediately took notice of Spartacus, narrowing his eyes and showing off his sharpened scythes which seemed to glisten in the sunlight. “Hah! Looks like Reaper’s found himself a new rival! Alright Reaper, let’s show them how it’s done!”

The Scyther snapped to attention and quickly nodded. The Sudowoodo turned to face the crowd, revealing an X-shaped battle scar of chipped rock on his chest. Reaper met eyes with the Sudowoodo, who steeled himself, ready to take an attack. The Scyther’s blades began to glow a soft white before in one quick motion he darted forward and hit the Sudowoodo right on the X. “And that’s how you do it,” Samuel said with a smile. “Now it’s your turn. Let’s see if you can hit ol’ Petro here with the same attack three times in the same spot. Don’t worry about hurting him; he’s a lot tougher than he looks. I doubt he’ll make it easy on you either!” On cue, the Sudowoodo flexed his twig-like arms with a mischievous smirk on his face. “Here’s the rules, just like my trial: You’re welcome to change up your attacks, but using slashing moves are going to be what gets the job done. Let’s keep things simple though, so limit yourself to two attacks per attempt so that things don’t get too muddled up. If you can hit him on the X three times in the next couple of attempts, I think Spartacus will have everything he needs to learn the technique!”
It didn't take too long for them to get to the trial captain's cabin, Boudicca was more than capable of handling the weight of wood. While she wasn't used to be used for menial labour, the Mudsdale didn't mind too much, she was always glad to be of use. As they unloaded the wood, Sam gave the Ground type a rub on her muzzle, to which Boudicca nodded her head in delight. He had found her weakness.......

Boudicca reached level 32!

The next order of business was training Spartacus to use HM Cut, which Sam was more than happy to do. It would surely help even the playing field in the trial but Jayson knew the woodsman would have plenty more tricks up his sleeve. Sam took them around the back of his cabin to his training area before bringing out two Pokemon, a Scyther and a Sudowoodo. At the sight of the opposing Scyther, Jayson noticed Spartacus's body tense. It wasn't from fear though, the Scyther was excited. As Sam's Scyther Reaper showed off a little, Spartacus pointed the tip of his scythe in his general direction, as if calling him out.

"Enough", murmured Jayson,"you will have your chance later, for now you need to watch and learn." The Scyther nodded, burying his anger for later use. Reaper displayed how to use Cut on Petro the Sudowoodo. The Scyther struck with a smooth, practiced movement, it was truly impressive. It was obviously the Scyther had plenty of practice, not just by the way it executed the move, but by the grove it had worn away on its teammates chest. After listening to Samuel's advice, Jayson was confident they could achieve what was asked of them. Looking around, Jayson notice that Atalanta and Odysseus were both watching everything intently. That was a good sign, the pair new that everything they saw could be an insight into the trial ahead, he had raised them well.

Stepping forward with Spartacus, Jayson instructed the Scyther."Alright Spartacus, let's show them what you've got! Take aim, calm your breathing then strike with a False Swipe, follow that with a Fury Cutter. Where going to stick at it till we get it right." Jayson had almost considered ordering Dual Chop, however an attack that allowed for two blows in quick succession was something he would rather have up his sleeve for the trial. He had to assume Samuel was just as tactical as he was, if Jayson was learning things about Samuel, then Samuel was likely learning things about him.

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