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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post

Glasspine carefully makes his way into the hole, crawling on all fours down the sloped path. You crouch and follow after him, crabwalking on your hands and legs in order to not slip. You make it to the end of the slope and find there is enough room to stand. Herex brings up the back, glad that you are not in too cramped of a space. You and your Pokemon are in some kind of underground cavern. The faint glow is coming from green, luminescent mushrooms attached to the wall. Herex examines one closely, prodding at it with a careful claw. It easily detaches from the wall, and it surprisingly keeps its glowing properties. The two Paras scuttle in after you, closing the secret door in the grass behind them. They point down the path, indicating that you should keep going. The Bug-types waved to you before disappearing into a thick patch of mushrooms.

You make your way down the path, careful not to step into clouds of spores that hang in the air. Looking up, you see a dirt ceiling with the roots of trees poking through. Some of the longer roots continued down further into the earth, creating the impression that you were actually in a forest lined with thick tree trunks. Mushrooms of all shapes and sizes gathered around the roots, sapping the nutrients. The path was also littered with rocks, large mounds of dirt, and the molted skins of various bug Pokemon. Up ahead, there is a tree root growing right through the middle of the path. It is taller than you, but you are able to peer over the top of it to see the other side. Rising from the ground is a circle of tall, glowing mushrooms. In the center, you spot the large, battered figure of the Parasect you are after. Parasect is surrounded with a soft glow, and orbs of light float around it ominously. A tight line of Paras stand guard around the mushroom circle, eyes scanning the distance for any sign of movement.
The Sandshrew ventured first, scampering down the tunnel while Alex contorted into a crabwalk to follow suit, so as to avoid slipping on the damp soil as the Drapion was glad her size meant she would have no trouble entering either. Within, the human found himself in an underground cavern of sorts, musty air thick with an earthen scent, the faint glow from earlier appearing to be bioluminescent mushrooms, which the curious scorpion gave a gentle prod of. The fungus detached easily and better yet kept its glow, a natural torch of sorts. Looking back, the two Paras closed up the opening before pointing down the path and waving to him as he nodded his thanks as they returned to the mushrooms.

"Seems we on the right track here," he whispered, before the group made slow progress through the dark cave. The mushroom spores in the air were avoided, given Tori's condition, he had a feeling ending up a zombie under the ground wasn't the best plan of action, and indeed was something only a cruel and heartless god would inflict on him...right? The ceiling was speckled with tree roots that skewered down and winded around, and the variety of fungi and discarded carapaces here and there gave the impression of a subterranean forest, which it indeed was. Were there not a sense of urgency he would admire the scenery, Glasspine peering around carefully. Ahead, a large tree root grew in the middle of the path, taller than Alex, but this was no major obstacle. Raising a hand to stop the pokemon with him, he peered over the root with care, and as it was, the Paras had indeed gave their word.

A fairy circle as it were surrounded the battered figure of the rogue Parasect Alex sought, with a number of light orbs surrounding it as the bug pokemon glowed. Around the circle stood a line of Paras, scanning the horizon for movement, almost certainly under the command of the bigger mushroom. Alex returned down and turned to his two pokemon, as he considered the situation. Paras were timid pokemon, and Herex had the capabilities of scaring them away, but that aura was almost certainly some sort of healing technique. Were the mushrooms around it really mushrooms? He wasn't immediately willing to accept a head-on assault. No, he had to approach this with a sneaky strategy. Removing a ball, he set the orb to silent release, before unveiling the occupant, a spherical pokemon who seemed to be rather unamused. Pridwen's pride had taken a bit of a knock, but he'd have to push it aside.

"Prid, serious time. We have a Parasect over this root," he whispered as he gestured towards the root the quartet were behind, "and we cannot let it escape under any circumstances. I need you to use your spiky body to roll up the wall and across the roof until you're either spotted or have a good vantage point. Either way, when you're ready, pepper those funny orbs you see with a pin missile, and if you hit any of the glowing mushrooms around the Parasect, that's fine too. You're durable enough to withstand anything they throw at you, and you being a grass type should negate any spores or powders thrown. After you've disrupted that, give us the signal with a mirror shot aimed at the face of the Parasect and we'll get round.

"Herex, you'll rush in first with a vicious roar to frighten away the weaker Paras, then go straight for the big one with an infestation. Glass, you handle the smaller ones with a barrage of poison stings and gyro ball. Above all else though, take care of those light orbs and be mindful of powders."

Alex nodded, hoping this plan would go off without many problems. He was ready to give them the orders if the Ferroseed was discovered and attacked earlier than usual, but he wasn't letting the Parasect escape, not without the necessary volume of saliva for the cure for the Nidorina and Roselia.
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