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War of the Roses

As the audience roared with applause, Petunia took the stage and approached the microphone. “And there you have it folks! What a beautiful display, let’s give another hand for our wonderful contestants!” The audience cheered once more as the contestants took a bow. The four flower queens joined Petunia on the stage. It had been a long day of eventful challenges, but they remained as composed as ever, not wanting to drop their majestic facades.

“Well, that concludes our event,” Petunia continued, smiling. “You all have been a fantastic group, so I thank all of you for making this event so enjoyable and successful! From the water balloon fight to the scavenger hunt to the beauty pageant, all of your individual and team points have been tallied, so it’s finally time to announce the winner! Now, if my colleagues could please present us with the final scores, we can announce our winners!”

Peony joined Petunia on stage and pulled an envelope out of her purse and presented it to Petunia. Meanwhile, Poppy and Persimmon rolled out the scoreboard signpost, but it had been covered up to draw out the suspense. Petunia opened up the envelope and pulled out the results of the final scores. A smile crept onto her face. Clearing her throat, she addressed the crowd once more.


“Alright, here we go! In fourth place comes Team Bellossom with 11 total points! Let’s give them a round of applause!” The audience cheered as Poppy removed part of the cover that was blocking the scoreboard, showing Bellossom’s name with 4 Team Points and 7 Individual Points. The disappointment on Bellossom’s face was apparent, but she continued to smile innocently through it all and blew a kiss to her team, thanking them for all their effort.

“Next up, we have a tie! With 14 total points, we have Teams Roserade and Tsareena! Let’s give them a hand!” The audience cheered once more as Persimmon and Poppy revealed more of the scoreboard. Roserade finished with 8 Team Points and 6 Individual Points while Tsareena finished with 9 Team Points and 5 Individual Points. Tsareena and Roserade shot each other annoyed glances before turning to wave proudly at their respective teams.

Petunia broke into a grin as Lilligant smugly put her hands on her hips, beaming. “And finally, we have our winning team by a landslide, Team Lilligant with 22 total points! Great job guys! Let’s give them a round of applause!” The audience erupted its loudest as Persimmon revealed the final score on the scoreboard. Team Lilligant finished with 10 Team Points and a perfect 12 Individual Points. Lilligant continued to beam proudly, waving to her team in gratitude.


Poppy and Persimmon rejoined Petunia and Peony on stage. “Now, as we proceed to hand out prizes for the event, our wonderful hostess and sponsor of the Rose Garden will present Lilligant with the crown of victory!” As the garden volunteers brought out a number of items, Primrose Nightingale approached Lilligant with a tiara in her hands. It was a beautiful silver crown with some diamonds and rose-shaped rubies set on it. Lilligant elegantly lowered her head as Primrose placed it before the petals of her flowery crown. “Congratulations,” Primrose said with a warm smile. Lilligant smiled back and lifted her leafy skirt to curtsy. Bellossom, Roserade, and Tsareena rolled their eyes as Lilligant basked in her victory before the three flower queens exited the stage and went to thank their individual teams personally.

By now the volunteers had set up a small table and laid out an assortment of items. “First up is the prize to our winning team; Team Lilligant! Congratulations!” Petunia cheered as Rorik, Alex, and Lucas came on the stage to claim their prizes. “Next up is a prize to the contestants with the top three Individual Points! Congratulations Alex, who finished with 18 Individual Points, Rorik who finished with 14 Individual Points, and Drew who finished with 13 Individual Points!” As the three trainers came up to get their prizes, the scoreboard showed the rest of everyone’s points. With 12 points was Alice, with 11 points was Melissa, Chroma, and Hiero, with 10 points was Jess and Lucas, with 9 points was Seiko, and lastly was Sypher with 3 and Elka with 0.

“The next prize is the participation prize, because without your active involvement throughout the entire event from start to finish, the event wouldn’t have been as successful as it was! Come on up, Drew, Jess, Melissa, Lucas, Rorik, Alex, Chroma, and Alice!” The audience cheered as everyone came up to claim their prizes. “And last but not least, the final prize is the consolation prize; for everyone to enjoy! Thank you all for participating!”

Participation Prize: Grassium-Z, Leaf Stone, TM Sunny Day, TM Energy Ball
Drew, Jess, Melissa, Lucas, Rorik, Alex, Chroma, & Alice
Consolation Prize: 5 Rare Candies & Miracle Seed
Petunia grinned and watched as everyone claimed their prizes. “Once again I’d like to thank everyone for your participation and support to make this event a smash success! One last announcement that we would like to share from the Rose Garden is that effective immediately, our very own Primrose is now the newest Trial Captain of the Cloud Garden! She may be young, but don’t underestimate her!” Primrose smiled bashfully and bowed before the crowd. She wasn’t used to all of the attention, but she tried her best to confidently face the crowd.

“So with that, I offer congratulations to her and gratitude to you all for coming out today! We hope to see you visit the Rose Garden again soon!” The audience cheered one final time before they began to disperse. As people made their way out of the Rose Garden, a chilling breeze blew across the mountainside. Higher up the mountain, a few snowflakes could be spotted before they melted in the atmosphere.
Alice was relieved that the catwalk performance had made a decent impact, and even more wickedly gleeful that some groups had been lacking participation in the last round. Goodness knows they had plenty letting their own team down, what with someone vanishing before the first round had even begun. It was probably too late to win, but at least it might help close the gap and make their disappointing Tsareena a tad less hurtful for the should-be-queen.

Still, it was important to lose gracefully, and Alice and her striking Torchic moved to observe the stage. She had her arms sort-of folded, letting the bird perch firmly with his claws about her arms. It hurt a little, and Alice would regret it, but the trainer seemed to think it was silly fun so there they were. It had to stop when the adult wanted to clap, though, which the blonde did with more enthusiasm upon learning that their team hadn't come in dead last. Another kiss and a whisper of smugness reached the fiery bird, and Alice's cheers and whooping picked up in volume and joy when they were called. Being tied wasn't a bad thing!

The participant headed up to the stage, holding up her glamorous little prince for the crowd to give encore calls and claps to, twirling and curtsying dramatically for effect while waiting in line. Seeing the prizes available to her, Alice was more than happy with her haul, the weight of defeat lifting significantly. In her opinion, the items earned were better than first place, so they couldn't argue with that. Alice set Blaze down onto the counter while she popped her pieces away, shaking hands with the gifters (Blaze offered his little tufts of wing and bowed), and after a bit of time mingling, expressing her gratitude to those attending and behind the scenes, they were off on their next adventure.

Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan – You decide that at this point there is no getting out of this. You can’t just walk away from whatever this is because everything you’ve seen so far is just completely wrong. On top of it, Duchess is out there and is not in a good position right now. Axel is in agreement, this isn’t something that either of you can just forget about. Now that your device is on silent, you snap a few more pictures and send them over to Ivan. Even if he does respond, it won’t make a sound blowing your cover like it did the last time. You follow for a few minutes and finally the man that goes by Joe stops his Mudbray, Tank. “Hey, I’m going to check on those two.” He walks over to the cart and begins to look over Duchess and the mystery Pokemon. You are laying on your stomach looking over the hill with Axel to your right. You’re very focused on watched what he’s doing so you don’t notice that someone is coming up behind you. Next thing you know, there is a whisper in your left ear. “Tortle…” You jump so hard that you begin to roll down the hill, completely freaked out by the unexpected intrusion. You look up and see a grinning Wartortle that goes by the name of Franklin looking down at you. “T–!” He almost began to speak loudly by Axel cut him off with a light tackle and quickly explained the situation to him telepathically so that he would know to be quiet. You can see that Franklin is also holding what appears to be Ivan’s phone and Ivan certainly doesn’t seem to be present right now so there is a good chance that Ivan has no idea what is happening.

Franklin puts on his best war face, tucks Ivan’s phone into his shell, and then begins to army crawl up the hill you were looking over, which is adorable but you have an objective right now! You both get back into position around the same time and Franklin immediately reacts once he gets a good look at the pair out there. His war face is gone and now he is just smiling with excitement. “Waaarrrtortle!!!” He gets up and begins to charge over the hill toward the men. “The hell???” Greg seems to be very confused as he watches Franklin run toward them. Joe turns around and immediately recognizes the turtle Pokemon. “Ah! It’s Franklin!” Joe gets a huge smile on his face once he sees the familiar Pokemon approaching. “You know this Pokemon?” Greg asks. “Of course! He’s one of my partners Pokemon! Normally, I’d remind you that it’s bad to run off on your own when Ivan isn’t watching but you couldn’t have shown up at a better time Franklin! We need your help!” Franklin carefully avoids the sludge and goes right up to Joe who guides him over to the cart. Greg looks visibly bothered by this entire situation. “Alright Franklin, could you use your Water Gun to help me clean off these poor guys?” Franklin nods and prepares himself to help out when Greg suddenly interjects. “No!” Both Joe and Franklin turn their attention toward Greg. “What’s wrong? The sooner these two are cleaned up, the better.” Joe is a bit confused at Greg’s reaction. “Yes. Right. You’re right. Start cleaning them up.” Greg is shifting around a bit uncomfortably now. Meanwhile, Joe turns his back toward Greg and Franklin begins to gently soak the two Pokemon. As you watch, Greg quickly runs over to the two Trubbish and kneels down toward them, whispering something to them.

Suddenly, while Joe’s back is still turned and Franklin is distracted with helping, both of the Trubbish shoot off a bunch of Sludge at both Joe and Franklin! Tank wasn’t paying attention the entire time before this moment but noticed that and began to buck, kicking the cart loose and running off. “Ackk!!! Tank!!” “Tooort!!” Joe is now trying to get his shirt off since that seemed to get hit by the most of it while also tripping and stumbling in the direction Tank ran but he soon gives up on attempting to chase. Franklin is now using his own Water Gun on himself to clean up the best he can. “They’ve gone mad!! They’re crazy!! And I don’t have any Pokemon to help!” Greg is now yelling and acting like he is shocked. The Trubbish have now turned on Franklin and Joe notices this so he goes for one of his Pokemon’s balls but they are all covered in sludge so he’s having a hard time getting them to work at the moment. “Shit! This is not good… Franklin! Buddy! You’ve got this!” Joe is trying to encourage the Wartortle who is now being overwhelmed with Sludge since the Trubbish don’t seem to be letting up. Joe is desperately trying to get the sludge off of his pokeballs and Greg is just standing there repeatedly saying he wishes he could help. Joe looks back at poor Franklin and grits his teeth since he is feeling very helpless in this situation. “Franklin!! You know Rapid Spin don’t you? Try using that! It might get some of that sludge off! I know you’re not my Pokemon but I think we’re going to have to work together on this one, bud!” Joe attempts to come up with some type of solution as he continues to work on getting one of his own Pokemon out. Franklin listens to Joe and begins to Rapidly Spin in the sludge which is just flinging it everywhere and making even more of a mess, droplets are even hitting both Joe and Greg, but if he keeps it up he might manage to clean himself up enough to retaliate. What will you do?
Alice had had enough scares for one day, and this certainly wasn't helping her out. She almost gave away their position from Franklin's surprise, and Axel had to slow her from just rolling away entirely, using his powers to help his trainer come back. Her sugars were high from all of the adrenaline and stress, more than their walking could combat, and it was something the Pokemon would need to keep an eye on given that her hands weren't clean enough for her to even bother checking them if they had the time. Seeing who the jumper was had the trainer relieved and irritated. Why couldn't people keep a fucking hold on their Pokemon and kids? If Ivan really couldn't leave the shack, this was now absurd. She might as well take up poaching herself and forcibly adopt the water type, at least she had a tight enough attention on her own shit not to get her phone stolen by her own Pokemon. Arceus wept.

-- And then Franklin had ran off. So maybe not. Alice facepalmed, but at least Joe seemed to back up his own story by knowing the creature, so that was helpful and reassuring. Franklin could now be the Ranger's problem. "Look at that guy's face. He's so obviously a fucking menace." The stalker leered, her Pokemon silent but in agreement in spite of that. It was good to see Dutchess getting cleaned off, but that didn't last long, and once again Alice's panic flared. They just couldn't get a break. "Shit. Here we go. Axel, we gotta get down there before they get poisoned to death and that guy steals all of those Pokemon!"

Axel subtly nodded his head, and in seconds they warped down the hill, appearing behind Greg for the sake of shock value. The Abra conveyed his own thoughts to her: if Tank belonged to Joe, then they need not worry about where Dutchess ended up so long as the cart didn't break or the Mudbray didn't crash. Joe could probably be trusted and that meant they would find her in the end. That was one thing off their list. Alice pulled out a second Pokemon, who she threw more obviously into the fray, alerting the villain of their presence if he hadn't noticed it already.

"Mimi, use barrier, and then confusion on this guy to keep him from trying to run loose! Axel, you know what I want from you!" Indeed he did. The Pokemon started off with blow back, intending to fling one of the Trubbish away only to use zen headbutt and fire punch on the other. Mimi was visibly more startled by the chaos around her, the sludge going around causing the baby to whimper and duck about. She tried to carry out her moves anyway, hoping that this battle wouldn't go the same way as the last.

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