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Same here, apologies for the wait.

The wind whips through the neatly trimmed grass as two trainers make their way out onto this fertile plain. And plain it is in more than one sense of the word, as this large patch of uniform foliage leaves little to the imagination with its sheer boring aesthetic. Nevertheless, we will press on I suppose. These two relics from a bygone age both reach their decrepit hands towards dust and cobweb covered Pokeballs on their belts, sending the capsules skyward as they try not to throw out their backs/hips/etc. Y'all are old. That's the joke.

The spheroids open with a splitting crack that rings throughout the nearby area, and red lightning pours down from them to the ground to form two distinct beings. On one side is Red Rooster the Flaaffy, whose wool is rustled slightly by the breeze. He looks up at his foe, a strangely floating piece of space debris by the name D'Artagnan, who for the sake of my memory and sanity I will just refer to as Big D. Sorry if this offends any sensibilities. The two chosen champions size one another up, and then with bursts of energy make their first moves.

Red Rooster immediately moves on the offensive, his wool crackling with charged static electricity almost instantly as the node on his tail begins to shine brightly. With an determined bleat, the Flaaffy sends a beam of electricity zapping through the air towards its intended stony target. Said target seems uninterested in electrocution today, and as such the Minior quickly traces a rectangle in front of itself with one of its several spikes, crafting a screen to shield itself from the blow. The assaulting wattage strikes harmlessly against the barrier, sending bursts of light flashing around their surroundings as the electricity skitters off in all directions. Red Rooster pouts slightly, but quickly moves onto his next ploy, being to surround himself with as much of his fluffy natural cotton as possible in order to create a shield of his own. Seeing the wool beginning to thicken, Big D allows himself to drop to earth, smashing up and down into it repeatedly and sending shockwaves through the loamy soil that rip up the earth like a bulldozer. These ripples cause the Flaaffy to stumble, breaking his concentration and causing him to not quite finish encasing himself, though he certainly got more wool around him than not. Red Rooster grumbles under his breath as the Minior bobs up and down in the air, the two of them ready for taking another crack at the other.

Big D has taken an early lead but certainly nothing insurmountable, and both remain energetic. Big D's offtype pools can still afford more use for now. Deebs to order.

(Just a quick note that I'll be using Reed offtype energy scaling unless either of you have any strenuous objections).
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