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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Thank you for your answers! A couple more questions since last time:

9. Have you opened a bank account in Japan? If so, with whom? Describe the process.

10. Do you have a hanko (personal stamp)? If so, describe it for us.
I've opened an account with the locality's bank, Yamanashi Chuo Bank, where you needed to bring your residence card and passport if you had it on you. A few forms here and there, mostly you needing to fill out your home address several times. Overall, a simple process with really fast turnarounds of two to three days.

Before I could do the banking stuff, I would naturally need a hanko. My one is a small one which just reads フー since my name is way too long to put on a hanko without the cost becoming stupidly high. I also have a stamp case from Daiso which I keep it in because convenient.

Originally Posted by Loki View Post
What do you think was the biggest difference between real world Japan and the Japan depicted in the media (i.e. anime or manga)?
Now this, I had to leave to stew for a month or so.

I would probably have to say that anime and manga generally aim to emphasise the modern urban landscape, such as the myriad stores lining Shinjuku, the ordered chaos of Shibuya's pedestrian crossings etc., or focus on the natural scenery Japan is absolutely loaded with. It wouldn't be wrong to say thay anime and manga reflecting Japan would be more of a caricature of its culture and lifestyle. Once you get out of the big city, you come to realise the suburbia around Japan is much like places such as Sydney's outskirts. It's certainly not the sticks but it's not an urban jungle either.

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