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Originally Posted by HeroicRein View Post
What's the traffic like compared to places such as Sydney and Melbourne? I assume it's much less hectic when it comes to volume, however, what rules are the same and what rules are different from what you've seen?
It's not backwards like MURICA, there's less volume but it's still congested here and there. Golden Week made it literally hell to travel anywhere near or through the big tourist sites.

Also the cars are generally A LOT SMALLER. They have a micro category for cars which in all honesty could probably fit in my room if I removed my bed. Provided I could get it in there in the first place.

Notably slower in comparison, the highest speeds I've seen here are 70km/h. Also locals really love to give way. Rrrrrrreeeeeaaaally love giving way. Try doing that in Australia and you're honked to hell and back lol.

Traffic crossings are one of those ones where you can cross if your line of traffic has the green light. So it's quite possible to not need to press the crossing button at all before using a street crossing.

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