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Question about something that completely fucked me in a Random Battle just now. I had a Kartana out, with a speed stat of 207. He had a Houndoom out, with a reported maximum possible speed stat of 188. So I decided to stay in, as I was at 2.5x Attack and had Sacred Sword. He also decided to stay in, mega evolved into Mega Houndoom, used Fire Blast ... and went before me, OHKOing me. Why did he get to go first? He clearly wasn't Choice Scarfed. Have the mechanics changed with mega evolution speed? Previously (and, as far as I knew, always!), your move's priority is locked in before you actually mega evolve and get your mega speed boost. Assuming that hasn't changed, and given no Choice Scarf, and given Fire Blast has the same priority as Sacred Sword, and given 207 is a bigger number than 188 ... I have absolutely no idea why he got to go first.
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