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Originally Posted by Rangeet View Post
Well, two years later, HTML5 is more or less standard. Everyone's phasing out Flash like a redheaded stepchild and while gfycat's slightly worse than it used to be, everyone's supporting native WebMs and MP4s now.

Is there any update on natively implementing this into VBulletin now?
Before I even read your bump, I looked at that post and went "what the heck is this"? I have no idea what I was trying to say back then. It should have been obvious that HTML5 would take over as newer frameworks take over the internet, naturally by a wide range of actors frustrated with Flash and not because of Google telling everyone to move. Sure, the lesser stuff would exist beneath the surface (as with my torrent example) but the standard was going to always be the new thing.

Flash has some significant security issues that Adobe/Macromedia deliberately did not fix, so content streamers were more or less forced to move to something more secure.

Whatever the case, I don't care about .webms so long as they encode properly. I'm seeing a lot of BORKED lately when it comes to YouTube videos, on desktop Firefox and Android AOSP.
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