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Jake smiled proudly at the visitors' comments. They commented that the Venusaur looked like someone named Dennis, and agreed on the diorama's spectacularity.

"We sometimes deviate from the regular size so we can fit all the Pokémon in the diorama," Jake explained. "Some Pokémon, like Wailord, are too big to fit in an exhibit, so of course we have to shrink it. And some Pokémon are so small they simply won't look good in an exhibit, so we group them with other Pokémon that are somewhat related. I mean, a counterpart or something. The Venusaur diorama is one of the biggest exhibits we have because there's no size deviation, but that's because it's pretty old."

"By the way," Jake turned to Keith, "is Dennis a Venusaur of yours?"

Just then, Buizel tugged at Jake's pant leg. The Sea Weasel Pokémon pointed at Lucario, who had started to move on to the next exhibit. Lucario beckoned for the group to follow him. The next diorama was labeled "#004-006" and housed models of Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard. (The Mega Charizards had their own diorama farther down the hall.)

(The Charizard model had taken a lot of time to make. It was hung from the ceiling, frozen in mid-flight, it seemed.)

"Hey everyone," said Jake, "you wanna go to the next exhibit? Better yet, where do you want to go? We have Pokémon of all regions except Galar. Galar's not finished yet, so it's not open right now."
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