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Slime Tensei - 15

I didn't discuss this last week but privately I was curious if Rimuru would punish the orcs. Even though the orcs were "innocent" in that they were bloodlusted and mindless, they still committed the war crimes of genociding the ogres and slaughtering the lizardmen. There needed to be punishment of some sort, like making them slaves but not having their children as slaves, just so the surviving orcs will go through punishment but not the species in perpetuity.

I get that Rimuru is a salaryman, but an intelligent one unlike Ainz, but anyone who's operated in society should know that this is how resentment is fostered. A sense of one-sided injustice. Wasn't that one of the take home messages of Youjo Senki?

In a unique twist, I found Rimuru's speech cringeworthy. I mean, in the end, Rimuru did end up enslaving the orcs by using them as forced labour, but the fact that it wasn't explicitly outlined as a punishment was problematic. Geld himself recognized this when he asked the ogres to slay him.

As for Geld, this was the second time this twist surprised me (that the Orc Disaster was his father), since we had the same thing with the Lizardman King Abiru and his daughter, the captain of the guard. But it was a moving scene nonetheless.

I thought it was stupid Gazel Dwargo would waltz into Rimuru's country with an armoured entourage. That's a declaration of war, and not diplomatically friendly. The whole fight was silly.

Oh, and apparently DIO BRANDO is in the show now.

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