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Large scale war has been depicted in anime though. Berserk, Berserk trilogy films, Grancrest Seki all have good and realistic depictions of large scale battles.

I understand that showing a fight with a dozen people against 200,000 isn't going to be realistic, but the whole scene isn't even a fight. We don't see swords clashing or narrow misses or perfect parrying. We see Michael Bay explosions. Also, how does like a dozen tornadoes not take out 200k orcs by themselves?

The whole scene (I won't call it a battle) could have been done better, but then we would need to build up the ogres more. We'd need to see their emotions about losing their village to the orcs and see how truly defeated they were, how horrible the loss is, how powerless they felt. Actually see their losing battle against the orcs, like them giving their best and still losing despite their efforts. Then once this battle comes around, they showcase their improvements thanks to Rimuru's naming. I know this was what they were probably going for, but they skipped the first part and we're not really given any emotional bond with the ogres.
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