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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
The episode was everything I feared. Just an absolute one sided affair that wasn't even enjoyable to watch. I don't know about you or others, but I don't think watching a nuclear bomb explode as an exciting or thrilling action scene, and that's pretty much what they basically did. Thousands of orcs? Make a cluster of tornados! Still have more orcs? A dozen fireballs! A slash dash that kills a whole line of troops! A super cleave that pretty much makes a canyon! Gabiru's fail fight was more interesting!
I don't, and I agree that it was a boring episode.

However, I feel like you were setting yourself up for disappointment. In the history of anime, I can't think of a large scale battle that was depicted in an interesting, gripping way visually.

Such battles are usually simplified with nukes like this, or they're shown from the command post, using graphics and diagrams to explain the movements of the troops with some cut aways to on-the-ground action. For the earlier battles like against the wolves, the number was considerably more manageable than 200,000 armoured orcs.

The Gabiru battle was a good one and sort of like a Pokemon battle (in fact, this series reminds me of Pokemon) and is what you should expect.

Originally Posted by Loki View Post
I don't see how you came to your conclusions of Bunnygirl Senpai, but Slime Tensei is pretty much everything I kind of predicted. It's thus far proven to be just a regular isekai with a slime main character gimmick. I'm fully dropping this. I hope it picks up those who keep up with it.
Just to let you know, I'm not singling out BunnyGirl Sempai to troll you or anything, and I don't regret trying it out. But the dialogue and plot developments are hopelessly juvenile, and the explanations for why it happen are poorly understood, and reflect an author pompous enough to try and write stories more intelligent than he is. It's the exact kind of show that I actively avoid watching.

I don't think Slime Tensei makes such claims, it is what it is. Unfortunately, ever since the ogres became a focus I haven't had as much fun with this show.
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