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Rimuru humanoid & Shizue in the OP
It's really noticeable when you look at the hair. I spotted it almost immediately. I also generally skip the OPs after seeing it the first time too.

Originally Posted by Doppleganger
Rimuru vowed to find and punish him for what he did to her.
She tells him no such thing. She says she wanted to find her summoner, he asks if it was for revenge, and she says "I don't know, I wanted to find out something from him."

Seems they bounced around topics so much in her death scene I forgot about it. She doesn't say to punish him, but ask that he acknowledge her and return the children to their own world.

So we're both wrong here. I blanked out on this scene after the "Eat me," request I guess.

@Video Games + Isekai Genre

There's a big difference between an Isekai character being OP and a Video Game Power Fantasy. In a video game, you build up to the power level where you start One Punch Man-ing everything. Also, you can die plenty of times building up to your end game form. Even if a game isn't an RPG, the player doesn't start godly, they learn to become godly through experience. The game is exciting because you could still die in the game. And it becomes all the more rewarding the closer you came to death rather to instantly winning.

OP Isekai characters are at that overpowering level right at the start, like Momonga/Ainz, Kirito and Rimuru, avoiding the sense of accomplishment that characters build up and get us to like them. They're just strong. They started this way. There's no drama or tension and it drives down my excitement when things happen.

Overlord's Ainz is a bit more enjoyable not because of how powerful he is, but for the feelings of nostalgia and his bond with his guildmates that as a fellow MMO player, I can sympathize with. The opening scene when Herohero left leaving Momonga alone and frustrated; the scene of the campfire with the Sword of Darkness party talking about never encountering friends like that again; and the mausoleum in the Treasury of Nazerick were Overlord's highlights for me, not so much his conquests and action scenes (and I label them as action scenes and not fight scenes because they're all so one-sided). The only exception is the Shaltear fight, where the fight was more about Ainz's insecurities as leader of Nazerick rather than actual combat. His use of his guildmate's equipment symbolized the culmination of their work together in Yggdrasil. Also, they do state the battle could potentially be fatal for Ainz. We all know he's not going to lose, but even the threat of losing makes scenes more interesting in general.

I would argue ReZero portrays video games better because the main character has to die and try again. He learns from his experience and then builds up to a more successful outcome. Just because he dies and is reborn hours prior doesn't make him OP. He is literally in a video game and reloading after each failure and keeps trying to get better. While I do get that the only qualifier for an isekai is to be transported to another world, I would probably put ReZero into a slightly different (sub?)category compared to SAO or Overlord.

Rimuru is just born OP. It's like he went into an MMO and bought the most powerful character from an account selling website and just went around stomping rabbits in West Ronafure. I honestly don't see the entertainment factor in this. We can't sympathize with him because we know so little about his backstory and his character. We don't really see him in any real danger and he doesn't change in any meaningful way as a character. He only just gets more powerful, but he already started extremely strong so...

Don't get me wrong. I do still watch it. I'm hoping it gets better. The premise is interesting enough. I don't really expect it to pick up before maybe episode 12.

Can you explain why you hold the show do highly? What makes it best show of the season for you? How is it better than say SSSS.Gridman or JoJo's or Bunny Girl Senpai? Your original post is pretty vague and I personally don't see the highlights of the show, so can you explain it to me so I may learn to appreciate it as much as you.
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