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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
I understand that but your position seems to be broader or different than that.

Are you arguing that gender identity is a slippery slope?
I'm going to have to ask you what you're getting at or what you specifically mean in this case by "gender identity is a slippery slope". What does it even mean for gender identity to be a slippery slope? What is that? If you can put that another way, cleared of any baggage associated with Internet debate citations of the Slippery Slope, it would be appreciated.

As per the usual connotations of the phrase, I can tell you that no Slippery Slope invocations are in the question posed in the opening post. I can also tell you that, for myself, I don't feel that gender identity specifically is something that starts us down a slippery slope for broader identity questions, but I do wonder if recent views on gender identity are symptomatic of a greater philosophical quandary, i.e. the effect of hyperindividualism ("you can be whatever you want; you're special; you're fine just the way you are; you don't need to change") on both the individual and the greater society.

Fundamentally, though, I redirect you to the question that follows the bold statement in the opening post. What I'm interested in asking others is whether they believe gender is purely a matter of choice, largely a matter of choice, 50/50, largely a matter of forces beyond your control, or entirely a matter of factors beyond your control. Do people believe that gender is inextricably linked to anatomy, that people who identify as male/female but are anatomically female/male ought to go through with sex reassignment surgery if they want to be "a legitimate man/woman"? Do they not? That's the question. I don't really see how you're getting Slippery Slope insinuations out of it, so if you could divorce the intent of your question from that sort of rhetoric, maybe you could make it clearer to me what you want me to answer regarding the question posed in the opening post.
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