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Originally Posted by Naru View Post
You die
And words don't do anything
It's permanently night
And I won't feel anything [x]

The following Pokemon are confirmed for a single level stay:
Gemini Spark: Lv 33 Milotic and Lv 33 Lapras -> Lv 34 Milotic and Lv 34 Lapras
Pickup: Lv. 33 Milotic and Lv. 33 Lapras

Level Up! Milotic grew from Lv. 33 to Lv. 34!
New Move! Milotic learned Attract!

Level Up! Lapras grew from Lv. 33 to Lv. 34!

Dropoff: Lv. 34 Seviper (Kinana, 2 levels)
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