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MT/Egg/Non-Standard Moves Confirmed

Missingno. Master – Marvolo the Seviper learned Magnet Rise
Balmund – Shuppet learned Icy Wind
TheKnightsFury – Jormungand the Magikarp learned Outrage
Snorby – Victoria the Bagon learned Dragon Pulse
AshsBabyLapras – Chikorita learned Heal Pulse
Jerichi – Alolan Vulpix learned Moonblast
deoxys – Misdreavus learned Shadow Sneak
Sparkbeat – Terra the Gible learned Outrage
MedMana – Pumpkasaur learned Grassy Terrain
Gemini Spark – Gardevoir learned Grudge
kawaiiconcept – Ponyta learned Morning Sun
Lil'twick – Wisp the Litwick learned Thunderbolt
Connor – Lily the Lileep learned Seed Bomb
Rotom310 – Rotom learned Dark Pulse

Extended Stays

Lil’twick – Wisp the Litwick for 6 more weeks
Connor – Lily the Lileep for 6 more weeks
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