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MT/Egg/Non-Standard Moves Confirmed

TheKnightsFury – Boudicca the Mudbray learned Earth Power
Missingno. Master – Rubeus the Stunfisk learned Heal Bell
Whimsy – Audino learned Softboiled
Lil’twick – Wisp the Litwick learned Flamethrower
Snorby – Persephone the Mimikyu learned Thunderbolt
Connor – Lily the Lileep learned Swords Dance
Sparkbeat – Chord the Murkrow learned Air Cutter
Ex-Admiral Insane – Slaking learned Skill Swap
Rotom310 – Rotom learned Thunderbolt

Extended Stays

Lil’twick – Wisp the Litwick for 7 more weeks
Connor – Lily the Lileep for 7 more weeks
Rotom310 – Rotom for 1 more week
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