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Round 2: On a roll

Set bellows apprehensively as he feels Sarat's sins weighing down his neck, the Mega Gallade remaining poised in the face of danger. Seizing his chance, Cortex remembers Sarat's escape tactic, keeping it stored in his memory just as his current foe swings his colossal tail. Sacred light envelops the mass of flesh as Cortex lifts his arms up to absorb the momentum, a huge burst of wind howling on impact! The Mega Gallade barrels through the air, righting himself up while deftly landing flawlessly on his feet. Having been sent flying quite far from his opponent, both S_M and Cortex conclude it's safest to retreat, using the move he had just copied from his previous opponent to do so! Set hisses as he billows a searing cloud of misty flames, but Cortex is already on his way out! The knight bows out, vanishing to the safety of his Poke Ball before the cloud washes over where he stood! As the flames flicker away, Set finds a new adversary in his way, S_M's spirit of the desert, Isis! ALOHA SNACKBAR TIME FOLKS.

Gyarados (Water/Flying): Gyarados are terrifying and their fear based attacks are much more effective than normal. Gyarados are equally at home on land or in the water. They are not particularly agile in either medium despite their Flying typing, however. They can see in the dark. Their incredible jaw strength gives them a 20% boost to their biting attacks. In its Mega Forme, Gyarados becomes Water/Dark typed. Its appearance gives off an extremely intimidating aura, causing smaller and more timid Pokémon to cower, reducing the willingness of its foes to attack, as well as giving it the ability to intimidate Pokemon who would normally hold a resistance.

Flygon (Ground/Dragon): Flygon are not as proficient at digging as their basic form but can still conceal themselves well within sandy environments and fight more enthusiastically in them. Flygon's shielded eyes are adapted to seeing in a sandstorm and such are not hindered in heavy sand or fog. Flygon can see in the dark and are resistant to light based attacks targeted at the eyes such as Flash. They are agile fliers, though not exceptionally fast, and are familiar with the Bug type. Because they flap their wings so quickly and produce a near ultrasonic but distracting noise, attacks which use their wings to strike have a 10% flinch chance against its targets.
Isis is unharmed, with Cortex's super focused mindset and Attack boost empowering her for a brief and moderate period of time respectively. Cortex took a fair chunk of damage, but is back in his ball so it's all good. Set's not too happy with the turn of events, but perhaps this storm god can turn the tides on Isis.

(By the way, I might start quoting Priscilla at some point.)

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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