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A simple battleground for a veteran battler coming out of the floorboards and our resident sigmaker of 2015 and I assume 2016 because my memory is foul. Let's go!

Extending his armblades for his age-old friend, Cortex gallantly stands by S_M, primed for battle! Having seized the chance to start off strong, could S_M fend off Slash and his Glaceon, Sarat? Or is it A'lch? WHO KNOWS?

Gallade (Psychic/Fighting): Gallade are able to extend their arms and elbows. Their arms are also very sharp, and cutting attacks do slightly more damage. Their empathic abilities make it very in touch with its opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. They also has a very good sense of balance and is hard to knock down. Teleporting also requires slightly less energy. In its Mega Form, Gallade becomes a dashing knight, sworn to defend its trainer. Its slashing moves become x1.2 more powerful. Due to its heightened concentration, it is far less vulnerable to mind-altering moves and cannot be flinched.

Glaceon (Ice): Members of the Eevee line have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status techniques like Supersonic. Their Baton Pass and Helping Hand attacks take slightly less time and energy to perform compared to other Pokémon. Glaceon's light colouring and ice-like body patterns allow them to hide better among ice and in blizzards. Glaceon deals slightly more damage with Ice typed attacks than usual.
As the first match up begins, our ancient veteran's Mega Ring shimmers brightly before Cortex's Galladite shines in response, bathing the arena in a rainbow of light! Sight is restored as Cortex's form is cocooned in a shell of purple, before it gets slashed to pieces to reveal his Mega Evolved form! Complete with cape, Cortex adopts a fighting stance all while Sarat stands his ground! But hey ho, spell card activate! The Mega Gallade's eyes glisten with a blue light while glaring intensely at his frigid foe! His noble form and fighting spirit causes the Glaceon to buckle at his knees, noticeably unnerved by the fearsome display as he finds himself sealed in this match up by the glare's curse!

Frozen in place, Sarat tries to regather his wits as Cortex deftly speeds towards him with a glowing fist! Shouting as he brings the hand down, the Gallade socks his enemy with his overcharged strike, smirking as his limbs overflow with power left behind from the blow! All the while, Sarat shakes off the pain, focusing on quelling his curse that seals him in this duel with a noble foe. His sky blue form takes on a healthy green glow as the lock on his body is released, Sarat now able to flee from this disadvantage. To which, he immediately does! Sarat bids farewell to the Gallade as he passes on his baton to his allies, replacing his small frame with the body of a STORM GOD! Set stares down at his adversary, Sarat's worry of the Gallade clinging onto him somewhat as he turns to his trainer for instructions.

Cortex managed to give himself a boost to physical attacks, which will prove very nifty given GIANT SEA SERPENT IS ON THE FIRST. Set's inherited mindset should right itself up in a while, but again, he seems to be a bit wary of Cortex even with his advantage. Sarat's retreated to safety for now.


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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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