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Round 1: LET'S GO LET'S GO

The Wheels of Fate is turning. Rebel 1: ACTION!

Two fish, a turtle, and a hippo all decide to have a lovely day on the beach. That sounds fantastic, right? Well, they're trying to kill each other. The fish are Magikarp, and they're angrily staring at each other. Geez, why are their panties in a bunch. The Hippopotas is just sitting their sleepily. The poor thing, it doesn't know what it's about to get. The Turtwig is happy though, ready to fuck shit up. The battle starts with Slash's Magikarp Hydro Pumping... his ally. Gaara wakes up confused, not knowing what the fuck is happening. Due to this day, he is thrown into the water by Kamen's Turtwig. Hiei gets a smirk on her face, her plan succeeding. Kiyohime simply ignores her fellow species friendly fire, and tackles the other Magikarp. Ouch? The other karp simply ignores this and Hydro Pumps the everliving life out of the Hippo. Hiei continues her assualt, raining down Seed Bombs on Gaara. The hippo, dazed, confused, and bloody simply sinks into the water, knocked out. And then Kiyohime splashes like an idiot. Classic.

Gaara is unable to battle!

No damage to any of Kamen's Pokemon. Slash's Magikarp took minor damage, but used the most energy. It could use a breather. Kiyohime used the least, and Kiei is in the middle. Slash to order.

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