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The last of the competitors arrive into the cave, one from either side as an Excadrill named Zagan sinks his spiked hands into the ground and spins them similarly to drills, while on the other side Kilvin the Skarmory creaks slightly as he unfurls his metallic wings, the scythe-like feathers spreading slightly apart. The two Steel-types join their already on the field partners, and the battling resumes. The Starmie's jewel begins to glow as it charges psychic power, but Kilvin is having none of it as he lets out a screech like metal grating against itself mixed with the most high pitched and annoying of bird chirrups, and the sound blends over itself as it continues to echo throughout the area, deafening everyone outside of Skarmory. Rime finds itself interrupted out of its attempt to increase the levels of gravity, while Zagan kinda sits there as his exploitable orders were, well, exploited, as no extra gravity means no happy happy earth powers. Shucks. All of the Pokemon outside of Kilvin begin to regain their bearings, and the Skarmory has taken to the air. The starfish on the ground, with nothing better to do, attempts to prepare itself for anything that may come its way, and the Skarmoy sends the first assault. However, as this glowing orb of hidden ground power whisks towards the duo, it is not aimed at the Starmie but at Zagan, who takes the brunt of the blow full on and skids slightly on the wet, rocky floor. The mole looks up at his attacker angrily, frustrated as well that he can't carry out the second portion of his stratagem, being well out of reach of Kilvin (who I assume he was targeting because Connor apparently can't dictate who a Pokemon is aiming at more than once per order very often), and whilst this is occurring, the Porygon2 finally gets in on the action, sending a crackling thunderbolt arcing down onto its target, with Rime letting out a distressed cry as the electricity passes through its vulnerable body.

Not a great round for Rime and Zagan, both taking pretty decent blows and doing essentially nothing in return. They are both refreshed thanks to this, however. Kilvin remains good for two and untouched, similar to Porygon2 who is refreshed, Electric being below half. Luka to order.
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