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Another burst of red light illuminates the cavern as Rime the Starmie arrives to the field of battle, floating gently in the air to start with as its ruby gem glints out of the darkness. The Starmie does not stay peaceful for long, as the starfish plummets into one of the nearby shallow pools before any of the others can react, the force of its impact sending a wave similar to that of the ocean's surf splashing over its two opponents. Braveheart knew what was about to occur and speedily backpedaled, but now takes aim at the Marshtomp who is just returning to his feet as he lets out another blast of hyper voice as the roar echoes through the cave once more. Sedge attempts to head into the nearby pool but is bowled over on the way by the somewhat solid sound. The Pyroar gives a purr of sorts, but is quickly struck himself by an eruption of rock energy from beneath, the Porygon2 having used his natural powers to send Braveheart a nice gift. The Pyroar teeters, but steadies himself as he perseveres through the blow. Rime has whirled into the air again to get a clear shot on Sedge, who has now sunk into the pool, and Bravheart moves forward to get that shot as well. They both fire off streams of respective energy, with the Pyroar sending a hyper beam rushing into the pool, while the Starmie's hydro pump does similarly. It's unclear which hits first, but either one would've done the job as the Marshtomp collapses. However, three orbs nearly simultaneously strike Braveheart as well, the tri attack finishing off the lion as he falls to his side, head resting on the cool cave floor.

Sedge and Braveheart are unable to battle!

Luka will send out her next Pokemon choice, then Connor will give his with orders, followed by Luka ordering. Woo.

Porygon2 took its first damage, and is still good for two. Rime took none, and will face a tiny bit of immediate exhaustion but is definitely still good for two afterwards.
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