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With Kirlia fading from the field, he is quickly replaced by Sedge the Marshtomp, joining his floating partner as he eyes his two foes from the cavern floor. And then in quick fashion, the combat resumes once more. Right out of the gate is Sedge himself firing a jet of water up at the hovering Claydol, and a noise like a gunshot echoes through the complex as it erects a protective barrier just in time and it takes the bullet. Meanwhile Braveheart has been gathering his not so native grass energy in the form of seeds and sends the spherical bombs whistling back towards the Marshtomp, who being focused on Petra has little time to react as the projectiles rain down on him, causing him incredible pain. This is followed by Porygon2 sending a round of sound towards the Pyroar that likewise continues to echo, but the lion seems to be preoccupied with other things. Sedge has been gathering an orb of water energy, and he sends said sphere forward as it pulses through the air towards Petra. Being a good friend, Braveheart jumps between the orb and its intended target, the Claydol dodging a second bullet as the Pyroar lands, his mind addled by the blow. Petra's many eyes look on angrily, and the spirit of a lich travels down into the ground from her and races towards the Marshtomp, reaping him of quite a bit of his lifeforce and gives it back to its host, and just in time as Sedge continues with a three mover to send another blast of water its way, bound with a pledge to finish off the Claydol. It fails in this duty however, as Petra survives yet another round.

Sedge is already beneath the midpoint and will face a bit of immediate exhaustion from his three but is otherwise good for two. Porygon2 went untouched and is refreshed. Braveheart still is in his first third but is confused, and still good for two. Petra is quite tired and back into critical. Connor to order.
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