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ROUND 5: All About That Bass

ROUND 5: All About That Bass
Primeape vs Blaziken

After the Gym Leader returns from his sojourn, the round opens with bedlam. Scowling, Takeshi barrels towards Mokou and tautens his leg, right as Mokou tries to match the same technique. Who will strike first? A large thud whooshes outwards, and Mokou shouts in pain, despite her long-term agility. Wresting priority through a combination of initiative and noticeably more overall energy, Takeshi closes the short distance and kicks Mokou in the shins. Sweeping the Blaziken off her feet, the Low blow knocks Mokou down to her knees and jars the trajectory of her own attack. Indeed, only a reasonable fraction of Mokou's Low Sweep scrapes Takeshi, while the undeterred Primeape slams Mokou down like a ragdoll. Her knees throb in pain, and Mokou squawks when Takeshi tosses her onto the metallic floor. Stirring feebly, Mokou groans and nurses her wounds.

Takeshi is not finished, though. Indeed, the Primeape wastes little time to exploit Mokou's prone state. Without warning, Takeshi lunges. Slamming into Mokou, Takeshi pins his entire Body on Mokou, as he tries to spread and clamp down the Blaziken's appendages like those of a cadaver ready for dissection. However, Takeshi seems to have, in his haste, forgotten one crucial fact: a Primeape is neither heavier nor larger than a Blaziken. In fact, the contrary appears to hold true. Gritting her teeth, Mokou coats herself in a burst of Flying energy. Although the pin weakens the momentum she needs to execute this attack to its full, offensive potential, Mokou has only a little trouble tearing Takeshi off her. She heaves and pushes, heaving Takeshi off her in one fluid motion.

After she pries Takeshi off her arms, Mokou somersaults over the Primeape with the Acrobatic skill of a gymnast. Mokou smacks Takeshi in the face, and the Primeape hisses from the super-effective blow. Despite the slight weakening in the blow due to the lack of momentum and distance to fully execute the blow, Takeshi's pin has not minimised Mokou's Acrobatics. If anything, Takeshi wails, looking worse for wear. His only consolation is that he does not seem to be suffering from any more status afflictions. But how can Takeshi recover face?

Drooping from the midpoint, Mokou has extended her health lead and has dropped Takeshi into the final third of health. Mokou's Flying is at half-tank, but neither battler needs a breather. LT Agility still remains in play.

-KamenAeons to order.
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