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nb: The more often you order, the more invested that I will feel in this match. And hence, the more quickly I'll ref. We all win!

Hope y'all had a happy 4th of July (or weekend, in Kamen's case), by the way.


Primeape vs Blaziken

Considering the partial paralysis on the Primeape, Mokou tries to spend some time relaxing. She wants to catch her breath after that exhaustive round, and if Takeshi would oblige, Mokou would love to relax for a bit. Gingerly, Mokou watches Takeshi, trying to catch any possible movements. When Takeshi remains as stoic as a statue, Mokou slumps with palpable relief, almost sighing. What an opportunity to take a more defensive route. Determined not to squander her chances, Mokou starts imbuing her limbs with some energy which bolsters her Long-Term Agility. Her muscles loosen, and Mokou stretches her ligaments for maximum potential. While Mokou shakes the tension off her back, Takeshi waits for the right moment. He looks at Moukou with a gimlet gaze, when he surreptitiously summons Flying energy through his arms.

Although his mouth is paralysed, that paralysis is local, only affecting that part. Had Mokou struck an appendage, perhaps the situation would be different, compromising Takeshi's chances of using this attack entirely. Especially because the torso of a Primeape is so small compared to his arms and legs. A missed opportunity from Kamen? Nevertheless, Takeshi swings his unimpeded legs and dashes forward. Somersaulting towards his foe, Takeshi performs an Acrobatic leap and lands on Mokou. Surprised, the Blaziken tries to stagger backwards, but Takeshi swipes Mokou in the knees with a gymnast's grace, reminding the referee of a trapeze artist. Although the partial paralysis limits Takeshi's full range of motion enough to decrease the attack's maximum, the blow still stings. Mokou's eyes bulge, and the Blaziken huffs in pain. While she groans from the super-effective attack, Takeshi smirks only a foot from Mokou. His torso may be paralysed, but his appendages are not.

Although Takeshi inflicted a large blow, Mokou still maintains a small lead. The paralysis is weakening, and both battlers feel more refreshed. Flying still above half tank. Round 1 Boosts have faded away.

-Apollo77 to order.
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