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ROUND 3: The Climb

ROUND 3: The Climb
Primeape vs Blaziken

The fiery tornado blusters, spitting flames, while Takeshi brings his fists together. Shimmering like a gemstone, a storm of Fighting Energy coalesces, as Takeshi distills his Focus. The swirl of power tightens into a globe, when the fire finally dissipates. Immediately, Takeshi thrusts out his hands, shooting the orb. Although Mokou squawks and tries to jump to safety, Takeshi has had both initiative and ample time, waiting for the blaze to end, to prepare this sphere. Indeed, the glittery ball smashes Mokou before she could leap. Knocked backwards, Mokou scowls but doesn't panic. She smoothly glides to a halt, as Mokou tightens her muscles. Leaping towards the cage, Mokou Climbs the bars and scuttles upwards, which reminds the spectators of a trained acrobat. When she reaches the top of the cage, Mokou then lets go and somersaults.

Plummeting like a Rock, Mokou gracefully extends a leg, and she slams her feet into Takeshi's head. The force of impact floors Takeshi, who gasps as though he could see stars. His eyes water, blurring his vision. Although he avoids confusion, Takeshi seems stunned and staggered, giving the impression of a shellshocked soldier. He bites his lip, before Takeshi shakes his head. He couldn't afford to get distracted; he has a battle to fight. After he takes a deep breath, Takeshi claps his hands, which release a soothing light around him. Quickly, a doppelgänger of the Primeape materialises, replacing Takeshi in Mokou's eyes. Fearless, Mokou is not fazed by this Substitution, though. Indeed, Mokou doesn't even blink an eyelid, as she smoothly segues into her next technique. Igniting a wreathe of fire, Mokou inhales and then belches a stream of flames, which splays and scatters across the arena.

The conflagration fans out, Incinerating the Primeape clone in a puff of white smoke. A surprised squawk rings out. When Mokou wheels around, she notices the real Takeshi, nursing his chest and stomping some flames off him. Takeshi twitches, revealing that the widespread nature of Mokou's attack did not leave him unscathed. A flush of glee fills Mokou, bubbling like champagne through her body. She did it: she managed to harm that Primeape. Elated, Mokou smiles. Maybe this is a sign for the rest of the battle. Feeling encouraged, Mokou lunges towards Takeshi again. This time, she veers her right leg, which she sheaths in a bristling electricity. Sparks skitter across her ankles, as Mokou balances on one foot and then kicks Takeshi.

The Hollow Giant barrels into Takeshi's chest with the force of a battlecruiser. Abruptly, Takeshi shudders, and his eyes bulge from their sockets. Mokou can only smirk when the tell-tale signs of paralysis begin to seep into Takeshi's torso. Despite the presence of mobility in his legs and arms, Takeshi knows that this local paralysis provides him with no favours. He will need to find a way to eke out a new advantage. And perhaps he may get that in the next round, considering the palpable exhaustion opening over Mokou's face.

While Mokou spent half her Electric and feels staggered, Takeshi is still reasonably energetic thanks to his Fighting heritage. Mokou extended her health lead, and Takeshi has some paralysis under his mouth.

-KamenAeons to order.
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