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Round 1: Destruction

As water drips down from the stalactites above, pooling in the shallows of Echo Cave, three intrepid trainers cross paths in this limestone cavern. With his usual mask hiding his face, the referee simply nods to his two battlers, silently gesturing them to send in their Pokemon. The Ground Gym Leader, feeling somewhat used to the dark conditions akin to his battleground, the Tiger's Maw, sends out his duet of his bravest feline and his rather daunting draydol! Luka responds by sending the computer program that the referee was sort of familiar with and a dainty dancer. Oh how that dancer is going to have a crap future. Stretching his legs, Elodin nods in acknowledgement of his teammate before surveying the arena, along with his opponents. The regal form of Braveheart stares right back at him while Petra ominously levitates among some stalagmites, a haunting feeling radiating from the Claydol.

As the drums of war begin to rumble, Porygon2 starts off the proceedings with a cluster of primary colours coalescing before its interface. With a low whine, the tri-coloured beam of energy corkscrews towards Braveheart as he pounces at the wide-open Kirlia, who's turned away from the Pyroar! Elodin unleashes his inner Dragonborn with a hearty yell, rippling soundwaves through the cavern and magnifying the frequency of the waves as they rattle Petra's clay frame! Despite being able to deal some good damage against his target, Elodin gasps as he sees Braveheart come in, the Pyroar being blasted from the side by Porygon2's beam on the way in! Planting his feet on the ground, the lion with burning guts sweeps his tail sheathed in metal around and slams it into Elodin! The Kirlia gasps as he is thrown into a stalagmite, waist ringing in pain from the super effective hit, but his situation only gets worse. Petra's body rumbles as shadows coil and writhe in its arms, pouring themselves into a spherical mass that gets sent flying towards the fairy, whirling and crackling with spectral wind and energy! Trying to roll out of the way, Elodin gets caught in the explosion resulting from the impact of the Shadow Ball, and gets tossed into the ground by the winds!

Looking on in horror, Porygon2 shoots off to its teammate's aid, ramming its beak into Petra's side with a pink sheen coating it! The Claydol shudders from the impact, seeming less responsive as a result of the tackle as Porygon2 notices some of its many eyes have begun to power down. Perhaps it has become drowsy as a result of the coating of energy around the tackle… Braveheart watches triumphantly as his own target, the Kirlia, is finally back on his feet after that terrible bombardment. With a throaty cough from Braveheart, the Pyroar summons a small silver orb of Steel energy to his aid, which begins to slowly move towards the weakened Psychic! Panicking, Elodin tries to push it away with a wave of force, barely repelling it before it continues its course towards him! While Elodin tries to run from the projectile chasing after him, Braveheart's body is struck hard by the wave, the force manifesting itself in a physical form to target his core! However, it would take much more than a blast of defiance to bring him down. Smirking, Braveheart watches as Elodin screams out once again in pain, the magnetic sphere having hit him at last. At the other side of the cavern, Petra's body repeats its first attack, being produced somewhat slower than before due to its drowsiness, but still creating a sphere of ghostly doom just as big. It's not fun for Elodin.

Elodin got wrecked this round, deep into his final third, while Porygon2 remains untouched. Energy remains not a concern. Elodin's trying to keep himself standing with a stalagmite, while Porygon2 hovers around Petra
Braveheart and Petra took roughly the same amount of damage, but they've shot through their reserves of Steel and Ghost respectively. Petra is quite far from Braveheart right now, while Braveheart is about a few metres from Elodin.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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