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Kokoro rushes in on the fatigued Aipom, leg glowing with fighting energy as she knocks her feet out from under her. Bodies hit the floor, and as Yogurt struggles to get to her feet, Kokoro continues her onslaught, beating her opponent repeatedly with her earthen bone. Thanks to her slightly blurred vision, a few hits miss, but the vast majority hit, and Kokoro is able to steadily push Yogurt back against the wall (they weren't too far from it to begin with) and pin her against it with a final powerful blow, jamming the bone against her neck. She tries to shift ontop of her tail, and while that's all good and fine, it doesn't really stop Yogurt from kicking out her legs can-can style and sending Kokoro sprawling. Both are looking rather battered as the round ends.

Yogurt is now into her final third. She's fresh, though, so that's nice.

Kokoro has now established a lead, but it's not huge yet. Good for two. This next round will be Kokoro's last with her Red Gyarados Mask.

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