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Yeah, my policy, as is many other people's, for that sort of thing is if I get mixed up on the orders, your Pokemon probably would too. So unless it's something like it's obvious to me what you meant in hindsight, I generally don't change that kind of stuff. Sorry!

Yogurt spies with her little eye a bowl of limeade on the floor, miraculously still containing a good bit of limeade after Kokoro shook the place up. She scoops it up and whips it at Kokoro. He surrounds himself in magical rocks that the bowl slams against, though its clear some of the limeade made it into the tomb. Yogurt walks toward the tomb and punches through it with an icy fist, scoring a very small, partial blow on Kokoro, who is now revealed to be wearing a Red Gyarados mask. Behind the mask, his eyes are a little irritated, but it's nothing serious to worry about yet.

Kokoro took negligible damage, though he's now out of his first third. He will suffer from slightly impaired vision in the next couple rounds, but overall it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Would probably like a break.

Yogurt took no damage, should be okay for two, but will be looking for a break soon.

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