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Kokoro picks up a microphone and starts rapping about how much of a piece of shit Yogurt is. Disgusting. Completely ruining the disco atmosphere, there bud. Oh? It was just a coverup so he could sneak in a quick Bonemerang while Yogurt was distracted? Okay, that makes more sense. For some reason, Yogurt decides to wait to move until after he's taken the second hit. This gives Kokoro plenty of time to start shaking up the Disco hall. People are tripping and falling, Cheetoes and punch glasses are everywhere, tables are collapsing, and worst of all, Yogurt can't body slam! She even takes some damage, poor thing. Yogurt is understandable angered by this and fires off some green-brown seeds of energy, which strike Kokoro, who screams out in pain from the typespammy blow.

Kokoro is still in the first third, but just barely. He'll be good for two next round, but might want a break soon.

Yogurt took another pair of hits, and is approaching the midpoint. She's fresher than her opponent though, so that's something! Grass can fuel a very slightly weakened Seed Bomb.

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