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Round 4: Low morale detected! Please head to docks immediately!

Bracing her fist to her waist, Lin-Fu rushes forward with gusto, palm reaching for the tiny water spirit before her as the Phione makes a run... erm, floats... FLEES ON THE POWER OF LEVITATION! It doesn't do her much good when the Mienshao's hand slams into Relm's back, sending her rolling once more across the sea like a stone! The Phione's body twitches as it lies still on the water, arms trying to pick up the Water Pokemon but it seems that blow left Relm with a fairly nasty case of paralysis across her backside and neck! As she tries to turn and attempt a counter-attack, Relm's body convulses lightly from the paralysis, preventing her evasive manoeuvre! Lin-Fu, however, doesn't care about this, seizing her chance to deliver a corkscrewing fist into the downed Relm, ridding her of her paralysis, but also her health!

Smirking smugly, Lin-Fu backs off her foe, who lies motionless on the water's surface. Only to notice something is off about this situation. A faint slurping sound alerts the Mienshao of the trump card of the legendary's descendant: HEALING! Rejuvenated in health, Relm returns to a battle stance, looking less battered than before!

Relm made a net deficit for health, failing to use Surf due to paralysis. As such, she's quite free albeit physically aching. Lin-Fu could see to getting a break, with a net gain in health too. No heals left for Relm.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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